No Party For Me?

I am not a Democrat, nor a Republican.

I am not a member of any third parties.

I doubt that there will be a political party that covers/agrees with what I value:

Reduce the size and scope of our Federal Government.

Toss out our current income tax system and change to a flat tax on all income, or even better, a sales tax which is based on consumption.  (Both have flaws, but I believe will be more fair than our current system.

Universal Health Care funded by the same methodology that Social Security is funded as a payroll deduction.

One of the arguments against some of the elimination of certain programs that our Federal Government is currently in charge of and transferring those programs to the states is that the states don’t have the money to pay for those programs.  I say when we eliminate the Federal involvement, then the states get to keep the money.  In other words, the states may need to increase their taxes to their citizens, but it’s money that is currently being paid to the Feds, that would not be paid to the Feds anymore.

Here’s the problem with all of this:

States have limited income and do not print their own money.  If they go in debt, they have to borrow and some states are already in trouble do to owing too much.

Our Federal Government doesn’t have this restriction.  It has become routine for our Federal Government to vote to increase our national debt ceiling, meaning we can go further into the whole.  What’s the alternative?  Cut back and spend less.

That’s where the fighting begins between the parties.  Cut here and you don’t care about _________.  Both sides have their causes.

Lobbyists, lifetime politicians and bureaucrats are really the enemy of the people in many cases.

Everyone will ultimately look out for themselves and that is sad.  Yes, we need to protect ourselves, but also be our brothers keeper.   A big question is how much of being our brothers keeper is the responsibility of our government and which level of government.

I’d love to find a group of people who are sick and tired of something in their political party and not fond of the other party either.  A group of people who can take some of these ideas and work on solutions instead of blaming and name calling.

Any takers?



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