Month: January 2016

Mixed Emotions in 2016

18 years ago my Dad died and I returned to Fort Wayne, to the home I grew up in to help my Mom downsize and move forward with her life.  3 years later she moved and 3 weeks after that move she died.  But for two of those three years that I shared a house with my Mom, I saw her political stance change.

My parents were probably Republicans. I don’t know if they voted straight ticket or did research and picked the person they believed was best for the job.

My first presidential election that I voted in was when I was 20 and Ronald Reagan was my choice. In Presidential elections I have voted for the Republican candidate ever since.


I have also voted for Democrats in both primary and general elections along with 3rd party candidates.

I try and research those running for office at all levels.  When I voted in November for city offices, I knew who was who.  Most of the folks I voted for lost.

I look for people who are truthful.  I also want people who will follow the law.  In Presidential politics, the law is the U.S. Constitution which sets limits on our Federal Government and protects the rights of citizens of our country.  The Constitution also splits the power between different branches of government.

As we move forward, I want to state something and be crystal clear about it.

I do not agree with many of the things that our president, Barrack Obama has done during his 7 years in office.  I felt the same way about his predecessor, George W. Bush.  Most of my disagreements were about the power that assumed that I believe was out of bounds according to the Constitution.

(As a side note, I wasn’t paying as much attention to all this stuff before 2000. I was busy with life and even though I voted, we didn’t have the 24/7 cable news and Facebook stuff going on.)

I do not care what the skin color or religion or gender or even sexual orientation is of our President and all of our elected leaders.  You can’t claim I am racist or anything else because I don’t base my agree/disagree on those factors.

I don’t hate either.  I am disturbed by those that do hate and I am really disturbed by those that make statements without understanding.   I also get upset by those that put too much politics in the political process.  We elect people to roles of government not to roles in politics, right?

Who will I vote for when I get to vote?  Depends on who is on the ballot.  Will I vote in the Democratic primary or Republican primary? We will see who is running when I get to vote in May 2016 which is when Indiana has our primary.

Polls are interesting but we really won’t know what’s what until each state has their primary.   I have my opinion that I have been sharing with a select few and I’ll share right now…

Bernie Sanders will beat Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee.  I was predicting this last summer as I saw the number of individual donors grow and grow and grow.  Every individual donation represents just one vote in the primary…

Opinion two is about Donald Trump. He has never been the favorite of Republicans.  All he has had is the lead over everyone else, but not the majority.  Even if Donald has 40% who want to vote for him, 60% don’t want him.  We will need to see who drops out and how quickly the GOP field narrows because in the primary process that begins next month, to become the Republican Party nominee, the candidate must win a simple majority of 1,191 of the 2,380 total delegates at the Republican National Convention. As each state has their primary contest, candidates will earn delegates and it is an open race until someone reaches the magic number of 1,191.

What stands out in my mind about Donald Trump is that he is making promises that are unconstitutional for a President to enact.  This is the same problem I have with some of President Obama’s actions.

Something I like about Bernie Sanders is the universal health care via a single payer option and that single payer is the government.  It was done under the New Deal of FDR with Social Security to provide a minimum level of income for citizens.  We have seen the pros and cons of this for health care in examples around the world.  The affordable health care act has failed on the affordable promise.  It was a compromise and I really wanted them to overhaul the system of paying for health care by going all the way, like Bernie Sanders has proposed.

It would dismantle private health insurance companies and thousands would lose their jobs who work for those companies.  So what. If I could trade in the $800 a month I pay under my employee health care for a more streamlined system that eliminates the claim forms and co-pays for a similar amount or less, count me in.

But, I am getting ahead of myself.  The mixed emotions of the 2016 political scene is real and we’ll see how it shakes out in the weeks to come.