Month: December 2008

An Election Year Wrap-up

I got this in my email today:

Our Message of Hope


Corruption, Bailouts, Balance & Freedom

On my birthday, I heard a conversation that I’ve heard before, that the free enterprise system is broken, that we need more government involvement, that our system was been corrupted due to greed and we should (give up more of our freedoms) to achieve peace, harmony, health care and get the rest of the world to like us Americans.

Since it was my birthday and I didn’t want to ruin the mood, I let the person talking speak and then I changed the subject. Otherwise, I would have said BullSh*t!

As the grandson of small town entrepreneurs (whom I never met since they passed away before I was born), I saw the fruits of their efforts. The family restaurant was taken over by my Uncle and then my cousin, before being bought by a long time employee and it lives on in Colebrook, New Hampshire.

The one grandparent I did have growing up for my first 26 years, demonstrated what a person who is free and motivated to feed and take care of her family can accomplish. She was a proud woman who immigrated to the United States over 100 years ago and worked the work, walked the walk and raised two responsible children.

Which leads to my own parents and their involvement with the American Free Enterprise System. It wasn’t until the last three years of my Mom’s life that she started a slight change to accepting money from the government, but that was becasue that was the way the system was designed for those over 65, to sign up for the government sponsored health care programs.

The argument that greed has ruined the American Free Enterprise System is flawed. The argument that government is corrupt is also flawed. But I understand the antidote evidence that can be used to back up both of those arguments.

One argument at a time.
1)We need more government regulation to protect the people. Evidence given, the Enron Scandal. Contrary evidence, Two of the richest Americans, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are using their excess wealth to help those less fortunate.
2)Next, government is corrupt. Evidence given, the Illinois governor selling off Obama’s Senate seat. Contrary evidence, the other 40+ states.
3)The rest of the world hates us. Evidence given, the public opinion polls in relation to our involvement in the Iraq war.Contrary evidence, people are dying to get into out country from Mexico, Cuba, and through legal immigration because of the opportunities that our country offers.

Due to the nature of news, Bad News grabs headlines, Good News is filler material, we rarely get a balanced view unless we make an effort to see the other side of the argument.

How about outlawing marriage. Obviously it is an outdated institution that doesn’t work anymore with the divorce rate around 50%. What a scandal that must be. We need tighter government regulation or marriage bailouts, take your pick.

See the absurdity of it all?

Transition Time

Ever since the beginning of the announcements of who would be serving on the staff of our next President Barrack Obama, the news media has not been sure how to handle and analyze the appointments.
Seems like those on the left that were expecting a left leaning Executive Branch have some disappointments that there are some right-leaning members of his team.   And those on the right that predicted a total meltdown of our current combination of a representative democracy into a United Socialist States of America are looking for new ways to criticize the appointments.

Look my friends, it appears that the press is trying to predict the future and produce commentaries instead of report the news.  CNN, Fox and MSNBC and the broadcast networks have lost their focus.  Instead of reporting true news, or digging deeper (investigative reporting), we are left with fluff news and commentary.

See, the transition from one president to the next is not just on a governmental level, but also occurring as the national media is trying to fill their 24/7 schedules.

I admit, it was fun to listen to the pollsters and pudnits during the elction, but now these news organizations need to earn their credentials as news organizations, instead of talking heads.

As someone once said, opinions and butts,  everyone has one of each.