Month: September 2009

Mainstream is not boring

My wife and I have some very opposite political views. This is not new information for either of us, but it does create some interesting and sometimes heated conversations.

Both of us have friends that lean left and friends that lean right. And the danger is to pigeon hole folks who have conservative ideas as right wing extremists, which is just as dangerous as pigeon holing folks with liberal ideas as left wing extremists.

Politics is a game of compromise and often contradiction. I have contradictions in my own life and I’m sure you do to.

With the media focusing on the radicals on both the left and the right, please don’t lump your friends with different viewpoints into the radical camps on either side. If you want to have an impact, then have a conversation and explore the issues with an open mind, even if you have your own strong beliefs and convictions.

Recent elections have been won by the votes cast by the mainstream voters, not the radicals.antioxidants kicks out free radicals