Month: October 2014

Political Incorrectness = Race

Random thoughts on stupidity and double standards.

As a former radio d-j, I’ll start with pop music.

Anacoda performed by Nicki Minaj  uses the N word.  Check the lyrics if you want at if you haven’t heard the unedited version.

This song is number 4 on the Billboards Hot 100 charts right now.

As you read the lyrics you’ll see many other words and phrases that make the N word seem insignificant.

But because Nicki is black, there is no outrage.  If it was Taylor Swift would there be an outcry about her use of the N word?

Why is it okay for anyone to use the N word?

Redskins, as in the Washington Redskins NFL team has taken a hit this year due to political correctness.  There’a a high school in my city with the same nickname.  Will they be shamed into changing their name too?

One other thought at the moment that has been roaming my mind for a few years.  The N double A C P.

It stands for the National Association of Colored People.  Been around since 1909.  I suppose Colored People was a better term than the N word, but it still seems very dated and I doubt any of my black friends would like to be called colored.

My wish is to incorporate a color blind society, remove truely racially prejudicial words and language from our vocabulary and do it voluntarily, not under threats of legal action.

Your thoughts?