Month: March 2016

An Update On “Trumpism”

A friend posted on Facebook:

So I really have to ask this… Why? Why are people actually voting for Donald Trump? When he announced last year i honestly thought it was just a joke. I remember standing in my bedroom getting ready for work and i had the news on. I just stood there and laughed out loud. Are these people serious or am I missing something? I am completely dumbfounded and honestly, yes honestly, I am terrified. What the hell is happening?


After reading many heated back and forth comments I decided to chime in on his Facebook post with this:

There are many Republicans who were elected on a promise to bring conservative ideas back to our government. First they took control of the House of Representatives and very little happened to change “business as usual”. Next the Republicans promised that they needed control of the Senate too, they would pass conservative based legislation and the result was even worse.

Despite having control of the legislative branch of our Federal government, nothing has been done of note that lives up to the conservative promises that were made. Along comes Ted Cruz who managed to get elected to the Senate and buck the “business as usual” system and made several enemies and very few friends in Washington. Ted was supposed to be the “Constitutional conservative outsider” that would reduce the power of the Executive Branch and shrink the Federal Governments role in our lives back to what we had before most of us were born.

Then Donald Trump came along, Donald has gotten more free press than anyone the past several months as the press expected him to implode with each comment and remark that have sent past political candidates into obscurity. But because of the dissatisfaction of a big chunk of the Republican base due to the broken promises of the current elected establishment GOP, Trumps words and promises started to sound good. Promising to get something done and having a track record in business of actually getting stuff done has contributed to his appeal.

Forget for a moment all the politically in-correct stuff he has done recently and over the past 40 years… what concerns me is that it appears that he wants to use the Executive Branch to make changes that are supposed to be made be the Legislative Branch. We would be trading the Executive actions of President Obama for Executive actions of a President Trump. That’s not the answer for those who want a more conservative government (Ted Cruz style). Individuals vote for the person they believe will benefit them and their family the most. Too much emphasis and power has been willingly been given to the Executive Branch in my opinion. Whew….

That’s all for now.