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Another side of Politics

I’ve been taking a break from some of the Political talk, in favor of the Olympics.  However, when I saw these shots, I thought, “watch your hands, Mr. President”.


Today was the Day

Just a note to myself that this is the day that I really became fed up with the political double talk and lack of substance coming from the candidates.  In a word… Disgusted.

The Merging of Capitalists with Environmentalists

The recent traditional thinking has been:

Capitalists: Only concerned with making lots and lots of money.  Screw anyone that stands in the way.  This is our planet to use and abuse and as long as there is money to be made, Let’s make it (and keep it!)

Environmentalists: Only concerned with saving the world from the human race.  Against all progress in the name of the all sacred endangered species list.  The world would be better if there were no people, (except those that are saving the planet from the other people).

With the rise in the price of fuel (energy) recently, there have been heated discussions regarding drilling for more oil vs. conserving and using less, the pros and cons of alternative fuel sources, etc.  And our politicians are bouncing around, changing and tweaking their positions as they try and read the opinion polls to see where they should stand so they will win the next election.   Sort of disgusting, but this is politics as normal.  If you don’t win the election you don’t have any power.

Okay that last statement isn’t true anymore.  You can become a lobbyist or a media commentator and have as much or more influence than if you had won the election.  (Who has more influence, Rush Limbaugh or your local Congressman?)

But back to this merger of two sides.  When you leave it in the hands of the people, instead of the government or Big Business, we find the common ground taking place in households and small and mid-sized businesses across the country.

We want to spend less, so we are buying the new low watt light bulbs that last longer, and cost less to use, despite the initial higher price to purchase.

We want to conserve, to produce less trash, to be thrifty with our resources and save money.  Ultimately, once you take away the radical fringe from both camps, those that are characterized in my definitions at the beginning of this article, you come up with a reasonable, people driven set of standards that folks will voluntarily do.

I’ll point you to a blog post that inspired me to write about this, Click here