Month: April 2015

The Making of The President 2016: The Race Has Begun

I work in the media world.  Radio broadcasting and digital media.  But despite that disclaimer, I am not a fan of the way media handles political news.

My activity in radio these days is all on the advertising side.  My paid work in digital media is also related to marketing although I was a full time “Social Media Magician” for awhile.

The 24 hour news channels on TV have to fill their 24 hours and the talking heads will repeat stuff over and over again, giving their slant on the stories we just heard last hour from the previous host.  Is it any wonder that MSNBC is losing viewers?

Admittedly the radio talk show do the same for 3 hours each day, but interestingly we have enough people in Northeast Indiana that want to hear national talk show hosts, Rush, Glenn, Sean, and Mark to keep them on the air year after year.  The radio ratings for Beck and Limbaugh on WOWO radio show that they are the most listened to over the 20+ other radio stations in Fort Wayne.  Hannity and Levin are on in the evening and so their audience is smaller, but they get a respectable number of fans tuning in each week.

It’s April 2015 and finally the most recognized potential Presidential Candidates are making their intentions official.  Ted Cruz followed by Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio.  The conversations will shift from speculation to reporting actual campaign activities.  But don’t worry, the commentary and editorial and opinion pieces will continue to be the meat and potatoes for the next 18 months or so.

Already the silly season has begun.  Headlines made a big deal out of a typo in a Hillary press release that made it sound like she hated women and children.  The missing word was for.  And we all knew it was an overlooked typo.  It’s not just silly, it is downright pathetic that this typo made it into the news.

Each of us have a voice and a vote.  Depending on when your state has their primary election next year, you may have one or two handfuls of candidates to choose from.  Come November 2016, you really need to vote, no matter who is on the ballot.  It’s your right and responsibility.

Regarding your voice.  You can speak face to face, you can speak online and you can speak with your time and money.

I won’t be giving money to any politician.  I’ll do my best to refrain from getting caught up in social media debates.  I may add a few comments about the Presidential race on this website.  I will describe what I want in a President. I will vote.

Hang on, once again, we are in for a bumpy ride to the White House.