Month: October 2010

Rage & Reach

Remember the scream that ended Howard Dean’s presidential run?


That was the start of the modern video age destroying a politician.


And Dr. Dean was just happy and excited, but his enemies made him look like a nut job.

Outrageous they said.

Rage has become the way to get attention these days.

We are a week away from Election Day 2010.   Seth Godin wrote about this change in the way politics:

How media changes politics

If you want to get elected in the US, you need media.

When TV was king, the secret to media was money. If you have money, you can reach the masses. The best way to get money is to make powerful interests happy, so they’ll give you money you can use to reach the masses and get re-elected.

Now, though…When attention is scarce and there are many choices, media costs something other than money. It costs interesting. If you are angry or remarkable or an outlier, you’re interesting, and your idea can spread. People who are dull and merely aligned with powerful interests have a harder time earning attention, because money isn’t sufficient.

Thus, as media moves from TV-driven to attention-driven, we’re going to see more outliers, more renegades and more angry people driving agendas and getting elected. I figure this will continue until other voices earn enough permission from the electorate to coordinate getting out the vote, communicating through private channels like email and creating tribes of people to spread the word. (And they need to learn not to waste this permission hassling their supporters for money).

Mass media is dying, and it appears that mass politicians are endangered as well.


Getting There

The news the past few days/weeks isn’t very upbeat.

The Government hasn’t created the new jobs they said that they would.

It’s not surprising to me.

The cost of the Government Healthcare is back in the news as McDonalds says that the McHealthcare plan that they offered will not be available under the new regulations which means more working people will lose their current healthcare and have to go on the government plan.

Again, no surprise.

The Democrats are not proud of their accomplishments and bragging about what they accomplished the past two years.  Instead they are playing defense by attacking the Republicans and Tea Party.

So, less than 4 weeks away we vote.  Polls show that the President’s popularity has dropped in the past two years, but that is typical.

Talk about the 2012 Election for President has begun and the campaigning will begin in early 2011.

All in all we have Washington politics as usual and unless something really big and game changing occurs, I’ll wait until November to write again,