Month: February 2017

Immigration BS

I heard it on the radio.  I saw it as a trending story on Facebook. Today, 2/16/17 is supposed to be #ADayWithoutImmigrants.

The Washington Post article on the topic lists a number of establishments that  are”closing out of solidarity or necessity”.

Here’s the problem I have with stuff like this…

The liberal left argument that we are a nation of immigrants so we any immigration control is wrong defies logic and the law.

The conservative right argument that we have over 11 million illegal immigrants and the implied argument that they are all here from Mexico is also wrong.

Here’s what drives me nuts about the liberal argument…

They like to make no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. I understand that they want to make us all feel bad and if we kick out people who are simply here to make their lives better… that’s why they crossed the border illegally to escape the poverty/horrors of their home country and we are the United States of America that welcomes the masses, you know the rest.

Like I said, my issue and that of many others is that there really is a distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

To my liberal friends:

Do lock your doors on you house and car?

Would you welcome anyone to come move into your home and take over a room or two?

When I say anyone, I mean anyone without any preconditions?  Where you have no right to say no?

I have yet to find a person who actually lives with the open door/open house policy I just described.

I am not anti-immigration.  Most conservatives are not anti-immigration.  However we are just like the liberal friends I know who want some set of standards as to who we allow move into our houses and we want to have the ability to say yes or no based on conditions that make sense.

Have you ever looked at the number of ways a non-citizen of the United States can legally live here?

There are tons of visa and refuge status programs that allow non-citizens of the United States to come here.  We have a pathway to permanent non-citizen status residency in the United States of America.  We have a pathway to become a full fledged U.S. citizen where you can doing anything that a natural born citizen of the United States can do, except become President.

So please, please, please… Stop lumping legal immigrants and illegal immigrants into the same group.  It’s an insult to those who followed the laws to come here and follow the processes and requirements to have legal status.  My grandparents who are no longer alive but came here from Europe in the early 1900’s would be dismayed at what is going on.  They were so proud of the hard work it took to become a citizen of the United States one hundred years ago.

Now my rant against the right:

Please stop implying all the “illegals” are from Mexico.  That’s a lie.  Dig a little and uncover the truth and you’ll discover that the estimated number off 11 million consists of less than 2 million from Mexico.  The rest are those who overstayed their visas or some other status that made them illegally here.

Finally, I don’t have answers on how to solve all these issues, on what to do about families where the parents are illegal but the kids who were born here are legal by birth.  We need to take these on a case by case basis and apply similar standards that cops use when they pull someone over for a speeding ticket.