Month: May 2008

Soon there will be two

Last night in Indiana, for the first time in 40 years, Hoosiers had the nation watching us and how we cast our votes.

Today, there is talk on the radio, there is buzz on the web, there are political pundits that are saying that it is time to end the Democratic Race for the White House. Hillary Clinton has no chance of winning legitimately and if she is given the top slot on the ticket, then Barrack’s supporters will not vote for her.

That’s what “they” say.

“They” have a mixed record of being very right and very wrong.

Indiana had great weather yesterday but even the weather forecasters with their scientific equipment have a terrible track record predicting beyond more that 3 hours out.

So, I will watch, wait, listen, watch, wait and wait some more. I do know that any day now, we will have just one candidate on the Democratic ticket to vote for or against, like we have just one on the G.O.P. ticket.


In the days leading up to the Indiana primary, Ron Paul was spending money and looking for votes from Hoosiers. Which got me scratching my head wondering why?

And as I look at the results from the Indiana Primary, Ron Paul came in third. Huckabee 2nd, and McCain 1st.

Let me leave you with this last question. Do you know who you will vote for in November? Are you going to be loyal to a party or to an issue? Have you ranked the issues and come to a conclusion yet? Okay, those are three questions, but I urge you to answer them soon.