Why Should I Vote For You?

While the 2016 Presidential Election cycle is in full swing, I have another election coming up to cast my vote in first.

Fort Wayne, Indiana has their city elections the year before the Presidential Elections and I urge folks to pay attention to local politics.  Your voice and vote matters in all elections but with smaller turn outs in local elections, your vote actually has more power.

But I am writing this today because of a couple of things that annoy me both locally and nationally.

I want to know, “Why Should I Vote For You?” but the candidates are not giving me the answers.

I signed up to receive updates from local and national candidates and have been getting emails asking me to join them for $1000 a plate dinners to hear them speak.  Wrong, wrong and stupid way to talk to me.

I will never give money to a political candidate or campaign.  I will support candidates who I believe are worthy of consideration.

I actively look at all sides of issues and don’t fit in a Republican or Democrat Box.  I even look for and research the political leanings of the media so I have a handle on the leanings of what I am reading or listening to.

I appreciate when local candidates knock on my door at home and want to engage in conversation.  A few years ago Karen Goldner came by and just the other day Mike Conley did the same.  I knew Karen before she visited and have known Mike for years too.

Both Karen and Mike were surprised to see me when they stopped by because they didn’t know where I lived, but I appreciate the efforts they made it their quest to represent me in City Council.  The year Karen stopped by and I later voted for her (again) was the year she lost and I plan on casting my vote for Mike this year. Hopefully my streak of voting for losing candidates (3/4 of those I voted for in the May primary lost), will end.

On the Presidential side, I signed up for info from Democrats and Republicans not so I could be solicited for funds the way Vistaprint nearly spams me with offers.  I want to know each candidates position on issues that matter to me.  I find it incredible that several candidates have not made this information public.  It raises a lot of questions about how prepared they are to do the job if they haven’t even laid out their plans or positions.  Instead they are all about raising money to campaign on _______ hot air?  What?  Sound Bites?

Stop treating me and others as a source of money to help you get in office and stay in office.  You are here to serve us not the other way around.

End of rant.  But please Mr/Ms Candidate, give me some substance before you ask for money that I’m not going to give you.


Where does the money come from?

Today I was listening to the radio and heard an insane conversation regarding taxes and oil companies and profits and I really could not understand why the guest could not understand where money comes from.

So I then thought about some of my friends that don’t understand this either and so I realized this must be a widespread problem.

People do not understand how our money system works as far as business taxes and individuals and our government.

First, I’ll answer the question.   All the money comes from you and me, the consumers that buy the food or the gasoline, or whatever the consumable product is.

Think about that for a moment.  Consumers are what we are called because we are the end users of a consumable product.

Take gas for example.  You spend 60 bucks for 15 gallons of gas priced at $4.00.  Out of that $60, comes the wholesale price of the fuel and the taxes that are collected including sales tax, county taxes and federal taxes.

Also out of that $60 comes the wages of the employees, including the taxes that come out of his paycheck. There’s also the property tax bill for the gas station, and the various business taxes that the owner has to pay.

Of course the gas station bought the fuel from someone else (a wholesaler) who has employees and they pay taxes just like the gas station owner did.  And depending on how many hands that gas (or the raw oil) went through, every time each company had to pay various taxes just like the gas station did.

Where does the money for these taxes come from?  Like I said, you and me. Out of that $60 tank of gas.

There is no where else for it to come from.

Because our combined local, state and federal governments are all demanding their share of taxes all through the supply chain, it is nearly impossible for us as consumers to know with complete accuracy, how much of our income is going to taxes.

This is why we need to overhaul our system of funding our government and simplifying our tax collection process.

Your comments are welcome and I’ll write more on this in the future.