Month: November 2013

Defy the Labels

Been awhile since I took the time to add anything to this blog.

It’s not that I don’t care.

I do care.

I’ve been listening.

I’ve been observing.

I’ve been watching.

I’ve been reading.

I’ve been looking.

I’ve been wondering.

Why do we shove people into boxes and slap a label on them and their boxes?

I have yet to find among my so-called Democrat friends, one who believes that everyone should have an abortion, should be allowed to marry their gay lover and that the Affordable Care Act is perfect.

I have yet to find among my so-called Republican friends, one who believes that we need to remove all government regulation, repeal the civil rights laws from the 1960’s and give all the tax breaks to Wall Street.

Yet these are the stereotypes that are being pushed by the media.  I was comparing what the liberal media likes to talk about (how bad and evil Republicans are), and what the conservative media likes to talk about ((how bad and evil Democrats are) and it’s ridiculous.   Last week I was flipping back and forth between Fox News and MSNBC and watching them attack the other side.  Same stories, different slants.

I believe that you will find kooks on both side of the political spectrum.  Some want our current President elected to a 3rd term. Others want him to be removed from office now, if not yesterday.

Please be careful when you hear the words and labels from the media.   Do not assume that they define your friends/enemies on the other side.

Want to have a meaningful political discussion with friends and family?

I know it sounds scary, but it could open some doors and build some bridges.

Draw up a list of issues that are being talked about by our politicians.

Take those issues, one at a time and know what you currently believe and why.  Talk with others and have them do the same.  The goal is not to judge them and label them.

The goal is to understand why they believe what they believe in.

I bet you are going to find that those nasty labels and boxes don’t fit so perfectly on you or your friends.