Just Suppose…

As we prepare for the Run for the White House version 20.08, we are now getting more and more political chit chat that is colored by the views of the person that is talking or writing.

This week, and in recent weeks, energy has been a top concern among the everyday man and woman.  Because of gas prices at the pump surpassing and staying above the 4 buck a gallon mark, it effects everyone because of the trickle down effects of the increased cost to businesses that are then passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices for nearly everything, without a corresponding increase in spendable income.

Recently I have been hearing reports that the United States is sitting on oil reserves that exceed the oil reserves in the Middle East.  We already have plenty of alternative sources that are being restricted by government regulations, such as coal and nuclear.  With our vast systems of rivers, we should have hydro electric plants producing energy in abundance.  The technology is already available for solar energy, nuclear, windmill, etc.

What we don’t need is the technology, we need the power to use the technology.  Just as you can never reduce your spending enough to become a millionaire, you can’t become energy independent, simply by reducing your consumption of energy.

Just Suppose, our goal for our country was to become self-sufficient.  What if we were the suppliers to the rest of the world once again?  Instead of bemoaning the loss of industrial jobs, we created jobs in the energy sector and lowered the cost of doing business because we have now made it affordable to live and grow without importing food and fuel?

Just Suppose, we had the resources to produce the energy our country uses.  Those in the middle east can sell their oil to other countries, and it would not matter because we produce our own energy.

Just Suppose, that by becoming energy independent, the United States becomes a Super Power once again and we used the power for good.  It will take individuals to do this, as a matter of fact we have individuals, large and small that are already using their power and resources for good.

Meanwhile, our country’s news media focuses on short term, 24 to 48 hour news stories, and folks are looking for someone to blame.

But Just suppose….