Month: August 2009

The Healthcare Debate on a Napkin

Setting aside the legalities of this whole debate for a moment, I found this presentation very good..


The Death of Trust

trustIt is now the second full week of August and to the displeasure of our President and his friends in Congress, a health care reform package was not passed before their August recess.  So as our representatives return from Washington and hold meetings with those that voted them into office, some are feeling the heat from angry citizens.

What are they angry about?  Is this passion falsely manufactured by right wing radicals who are against any and everything that our President is for?

Or is that an unfair characterization by some of cable news show hosts?

The problem is that we may never know because unlike the days of Walter Cronkite who passed away recently, there is no unbiased slant to any of the news anymore.

Uncle Walter was the most trusted man in journalism due to his seemingly unbiased, straight forward reporting of what was going on in our world.

I grew up in the 1960’s and 1970’s and along with Walter Cronkite, another non-partisan face on television every night was Johnny Carson who hosted the Tonight Show before Conan and Jay.

The Carson version of the Tonight Show did not rely on political humor to entertain us, and millions of late night viewers watched Johnny.  It wasn’t until he retired and turned over the show to Jay Leno that there was any real competition for a late night variety show. Johnny, like Walter, were the Kings.

And while I do not pretend to know the answers, I do have a reliable measuring stick to use when I want to see if our federal government is doing what they should be doing or if they are overstepping.

You have that same measuring stick, the Constitution, which I urge you to read before you jump into the mess of political talk that seems to dominate conversations these days.

What I want is not another Walter Cronkite or Johnny Carson, but elected officials that we can trust to follow the laws that they are sworn to protect.  And unless you and I know what that foundation is, we can not judge them.  Let’s do our homework.