Month: November 2015

Hope and Trust

The sun is shining bright on this Saturday morning in the middle of November in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The Mrs. is off to work, the cat has found a soft comfortable bench in the living room that my wife picked up recently in preparation for holiday visitors.

This is the stuff that is our real lives.

Not the media reports of doom, gloom and fighting.

Now I’m not going to say the media is all wrong.  It’s just that they are presenting what is current in the last 24-36 hours and filling time until the next story breaks.

It would be a shame if all you and I did was to listen and watch all the bad stuff going on and not pay attention to the good too.

It might also be irresponsible to ignore the news completely, at least considering I work in the media. But sometimes that type of escape is tempting.

Especially with the rush of bad news piled on top of political bickering and wars and what not.

After being glued to the radio and later TV on Friday hearing the reports of terrorism in Paris, we needed a break and watched a couple of “normal” shows.

Saturday, I flipped on the TV to see the latest and then headed out to take care of things in my life.

We can not escape the tragedy and horrors of this world, but let us also not escape the beauty and wonderment that is in front of our faces.


Well, I place my Hope and Trust in God.  Not just any God, but the God of the Bible, the one that includes Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  It was a decision I made as a young adult in my 20’s and it has carried me through many personal ups and downs.

Let me wrap this up with an observation…

My cat.

I think I have a cat-like relationship with God to some degree.

My cat acts content and seems to be worry free most of the time. (like me)

My cat can get scared or startled every once in awhile (like me)

My cat likes to do his own thing and wanders off to explore the world each day (like me)

But My cat also returns home and feels secure at home. (like me)

My cat doesn’t worry about food and water because he knows I will provide it (like God does for me)

My cat takes care of himself most of the time (like me)

But he also lets me take care of him for needs beyond his ability. (like God does for me).

Oh and he likes to play with other cats and also hang out with his people too.  ( I like to hang out with friends and also need  my time with God too).