Month: May 2009

Silence but not Silent

I have been politically quiet for the past couple of months.  Not because I don’t care, but because I want to listen, watch and observe.silence

I have taken a break from most of the media that was feeding their biased views on cable TV and talk radio simply because it is tiring to listen to.

So, I continue and focus on what I can do to make a difference.  And that is involvement in my own community and conversations with friends and associates.  I always want to dig deeper and find out why people have the views they have.  If you click on the tab that answers the question “What’s this Blog about”,  you’ll notice that one of the first items I point out is that we are all filled with contradictions in our lives.

I’ve also learned over my 40+ years that by listening and understanding the other viewpoint, you can dialogue and perhaps change someones view.   And unlike the cartoon in a previous post on this blog, people really want substance behind the words hope and change.

I encourage you to take positive action, to have an impact on your community and the folks that are watching you, I see it occurring in my family and friends and I know it is making a difference.