Month: July 2014

Obama is the Crazy Cat Lady

First, let’s describe the crazy cat lady. The urban dictionary has some interesting entries but here are the basics:

  • Takes in strays even though she can’t afford to care for them
  • Has no limits or boundaries.
  • Tells the “kitties” to stop coming but she keeps giving them incentives, (food, water, shelter).
  • Expects her cats to do nothing to earn their keep, because, well, they’re cats.
  • Often takes a nice home and turns it into a wasteland filled with filthy living conditions
  • Thinks others are insane because we don’t care for the “kitties” the way she does.
  • Other cat ladies like her, but that’s about it.

Why is our President a Crazy Cat Lady?  Look at our current illegal immigration situation with thousands of minors entering our country in record numbers recently.  Re-read the list above and notice the striking similarities.

The problem did not start with President Obama.  We’ve had strays entering out country illegally for decades and we never took the actions to secure our border.

I mean really secure it.

We have made several half-assed attempts to improve border security but they’ve been mostly for show and political points.

Here in Indiana we could look at it as some one else’s problem.  We’re too far north.  Sure there are migrant farm workers and in larger cities like Fort Wayne I know we have a number of illegal aliens, but it wasn’t noticeable unless you drove in certain parts of town.  In the past week however, we were informed that at least 245 kids are now living in Indiana from south of the border that are part of this wave of illegal minor aliens.

Indiana, especially Fort Wayne is home to lots of immigrants and refuges.  There are over 90 countries represented in the student population of our Fort Wayne Community School systems and over the years, I have worked with refugees from Europe who came here legally.  They spoke no English but were taught English as a second language.  They came here to work and start a new life that they could create for themselves and their families.  And we welcomed them and still do.

Contrast that with the current influx of illegals and our  federal governments inability and unwillingness to enforce the laws we have and soon we’ll all be living in a crazy cat ladies house.