Month: October 2012

Counting Down The Days

A month ago I mentioned I was going to take a 7 day political fast.

The week leading up to the first 2012 Presidential debate I purposely avoided all political talk from friends, family and media.

That 1st debate I was able to watch with fresh eyes.

Many have said it was a game changer.

Both Obama supporters and Romney supporters were very vocal with their amazement of the way both candidates conducted themselves in Denver.

The next 3 debates were given even higher importance in shaping the minds and opinions of the undecided voters.

It is the undecided that puzzles me.

Why are people undecided?

There appears to be two very distinct directions that the Democrat and Republican camps are wanting to take us.

Are the undecided undecided because of a lack of interest?  Or frustration? Or lack of knowledge?

Voting is not fact based.

It is emotional.

The candidate who spins the facts and fiction to win over the emotions of the undecided will get their vote.
I see plenty of “Out of Context” stuff being pushed to hurt opponents.

I see plenty of biased coverage.

I’m also seeing a possible cover up of a major military scandal.

Some say the President is pushing early voting to get enough votes cast before the scandal hits main stream media.

Others say the Republicans secretly want to discourage early voting because they are gaining momentum.

Whatever comes out in the days leading up to election day, it is not going to be pretty.

The level of division between the two camps is promoting a possible firestorm when the votes are counted.

Election Day is November 6, 2012.  We may not know the results, for days afterwards.

Please do your part in keeping the peace, no matter how strongly you feel about the outcome.