Month: November 2008

Unfortunately, it’s NOT Play Money

Saw this cartoon today:cartoons_01


The Hard, Cold (Facts?) about the Economy

As I read this article I wondered why anyone would want to be the President of the U.S.A.presidents_wideweb__470x3180

American Express wants 3.5 Billion Bucks, General Motors wants 10 Billion, and the chickens are coming home to roost.

I  was talking to a law student today to get a handle on how our Federal Government gets the authority to bail out private companies and I need to do more research on the subject.

In the meantime, click here and take a look at what Jim Quinn wrote this week:

Solutions for President Obama

President Elect Obama has a lot of problems to deal with. If he listens to the left wing nuts of the Democratic Party, we will collapse our system. I propose some solutions to his problems

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Bail Outs

Just a quick note today. Before the election our Federal Government committed BILLIONS of our dollars to bail out failing companies and organizations. Right now the question seems to be, how much more and is this a good risk?
My son is currently in Iceland and when he returns at the end of the month, we’ll have a discussion on his experiences, including their view towards American policy and politics. Iceland, as a country, supposedly went bankrupt in a market collapse, this fall.

But what prompted this posting was a story I found on-line at It starts with, “Can you imagine life without General Motors Corp.? That’s now an urgent question facing America’s political leaders.

GM survived for 100 years, steering through two world wars, the Great Depression, and all the booms and busts in between. But on Friday, GM said it faces a substantial risk of financial collapse by the middle of next year unless the economy makes a significant improvement, the capital market freeze thaws, or the government provides the money to sustain the company through the downturn.

I urge you to click here and read the entire story of America’s Two Auto Industries.

The Next Two Years

Congratulations to the citizens of the United States of America.  40 years after the heated battles of the 1960’s civil rights movement, we have elected our first President that is labeled as an African-American.  Actually, Barrack Obama’s heritage is that of mixed race, but because of his appearance and his wife and daughters, he was labeled as African-American. 300_34854

Yet this was not a race about race.  It could have been the first female President.  Or the first female Vice-President.  The race is about ideas, change, and direction.

Each voter had their own reasons for casting their ballots the way they did.  I have seen stories that highlight the extreme radicals, but they are not the normal people who cast their votes this week.  But there are bigots, racists, elitists, poor, rich and the middle class; business owners, managers, and workers, together each and everyone make up the United States.

Some folks voted on the basis of WIIFM.  (That’s What’s In It For Me.)  That’s common whether you are deciding what to have for lunch, choosing a mate, or selecting a President.

I will continue to look for people that I trust to be truthful.  That is one criterea for who I want as a leader.  And when it comes to our federal government, I want people who will follow the U.S. Constitution.  On that second point, nearly all of our elected officials are out of bounds, as were the candidates that were not elected.

I titled this the Next Two Years, because we will have another national election in November 2010 that will be a reflection on how well our newly elected government performs in the Next Two Years.  Will Congress clean up the mess we have?  Will they support the programs that our President has proposed?  Or will we continue to sit in the midst of the special interests with more and more federal laws and regulations that are unconstitutional?

Knowledge is power.  A voice is more powerful.  Pay attention.

Election Eve 2008

I have refrained from writing on this site for a couple of weeks, even though I had the urge to several times.  By noon Tuesday, I will have voted in this years election, and yes I know who will be getting my vote for each and every office on the ballot.  I’ve done my homework, I’ve changed my mind a couple of times as I researched, and learned more and more.

It comes down to a matter of trust.  Just like my relationships with friends and family, I want to trust the person I am voting for will do their best to follow through with what they say.

I don’t expect perfection.  I don’t expect much change in a year or two to problems that have taken decades to develop.  As I have sat on various boards and committees at work, in public service, in trade organizations, I have come to understand that the bigger the organization, the harder it is to make quick changes.

But that is okay.  I still hope for a Federal Government that will be limited by the constitution, and the rights of states and local governments to fill in the blanks on the rest of the rules that we live by.  We will see.  Perhaps I will be more involved in the political process in the years ahead, maybe not.  But one thing is certain.

I will vote on Tuesday 11/4/08 with thoughts of my parents who went before me (Today would have been my Dad’s 78th birthday), and my kids who will go after me in the years ahead.  I will continue to vote in upcoming elections, and no matter who wins each race, I will support them because of the office they occupy and pray that they will do God’s will, not just ours.

Perhaps it is fitting that my polling place is in a local church.