Month: September 2008

Another Boston Tea Party?

I’m writing this during lunch on Friday, September 26, 2008.  The big news is that the first Presidential Debate between Obama & McCain will go on as scheduled.  There was doubt due to an announcement earlier this week that John McCain was going to suspend his campaign until a deal had been worked out in Congress on a Federal Bailout that would prop up the economy.

The Debate is supposed to be about Foreign Policy.  We will see what happens.

This campaign has been about “throwing the bums out” vs. “experience counts”. Here’s a quick rundown of who represents what:

Obama: fresh, young, visionary, Washington outsider, minority (Black), baggage due to friends and minister, very liberal.

Clinton: experienced, minority (Female), baggage due to Bill, moderate liberal.

Biden: very experienced, Washington insider for over 35 years.

McCain: very experienced Washington insider for over 25 years, but a reputation for not following party lines, moderate conservative.

Palin: fresh, young, Washington outsider, limited experience, minority (Female), very conservative.

Many of my friends who are democratic supporters wish that Clinton was the VP for Obama, that’s why I included her.  And many of the tactics that she used in the primary season have now been used by McCain.

Here’s what we do know:

Americans are disgusted with Congress and have been for a few years.  With all the dissatisfaction of George W. Bush as President, his numbers are better than the Senators and Representatives.

The focus has been on Change, because Change is what the people want as expressed in the poll numbers.   I do find it interesting that the focus has been on the Executive Branch instead of the Legislative branch, given the poll numbers.  Perhaps because it is easier to focus on one person (President) instead of over 500 (Congress).

Our capitalistic form of enterprise that has been working since the foundation of our country over 200 years ago.  The system rewards those that are successful and allows those that are not successful to fail.  It’s okay to strike out, it’s okay to lose, the strong survive and the weak either get stronger or go away.

The problem was the growth of government involvement going back to at least the FDR New Deal Days, perhaps earlier, and has grown substantially over the last several decades.  When the government tries to make everything “fair” with subsidies, bailouts, and redistribution of wealth, they have polluted the capitalistic principles and created a mess.

This is not a Republican or Democratic problem, it is a government problem that needs to be changed.  It is not easy.  People will fight for their share of loot.  We need to stop writing laws and start stripping the books of laws that give anyone, any business, any industry a boost that is coming from the government.

Do we have the courage to do this?