Month: September 2017

Step Away For Awhile?

As I tell others, my political views conflict with my political views.

In other words, if you look close enough I will contradict myself.

And  over the past 6 weeks I have been busy taking care of other things that needed my attention.

My consumption of political stuff has declined and I feel better.

Not that we want to be ignorant, but not much was going on that was worth paying attention to in the political news.

Congress took their summer break and yet the 24 hour cable news people needed something to talk about.

So they continued to speculate about stuff.  Not really giving us news, but filling us with opinions from people who want to reverse the results of our last national election.

So they jump on anything they can about the various investigations regarding Team Trump.

It’s okay to ignore the nightly shows, when something important happens, we’ll all find out.

In the meantime we’ve had hurricanes to distract us and ignite the politicals to talk about climate change.

Donald Trump continues to be unpredictable to those who are expecting him to follow the Republican Party line.

And the First Lady gets criticized for wearing heals as she walks to the Presidential helicopter on the way to visit flood victims.   That last line shows me that some are going to blindly hate no matter what.

Later this month some of my favorite network TV shows return for another fresh season so I may return to regular viewing then.  In the meantime I have been enjoying time with friends and family, getting ready to lead a Men’s Bible Study on the book of James, volunteering my time with the local Boy Scouts, and also serving on the board of an organization that delivers meals to the homebound.

Working full time to help businesses be successful with their advertising and marketing and helping people make the right connections is more important, at least for me, than the political chatter right now.