Month: April 2008

Political Hypocricy

Tax The Rich! Save the Poor! It’s a common calling from mostly liberal minded people that are running for office, or supporting those that are running.

Problem is, that these evil Rich People often include the politicians that are running on such a platform.

The Clintons are among the multi-millionaires that Hilary portrays as evil.

Years ago, when I discovered hypocrisy in my life, where what I did for a living conflicted with my values as a parent, I changed where I worked so my beliefs, morals, and livelihood were in sync.

I don’t expect that from the Clintons or anyone else that is doing this political double talk.

So what I want, is to vote for someone that I trust to speak the truth, even if I do not agree with the positions that they take.

While I do not agree with everything any of the candidates are saying, I have chosen which issue I will use as the measuring stick for who gets my vote. If this is your first time voting, do the same. Don’t sit this one out because your favorite candidate was eliminated.