What’s this Blog About?

This is simply a place to share some political thoughts.  I, (like most people), am filled with contradictions.  I sometimes toss out ideas in the midst of a discussion to stir things up, to break up the status quo, to encourage people to ask, “What if?”

I vote, even when I don’t like the candidates.  It’s a right and responsibility and if I didn’t vote, then I would not have the right to complain.

I believe we have way too many laws on the books.  I wish there was a candidate that could get elected by scaling back government, but we seem to be going in the opposite direction.

So, I go back to the basics politically and that is the US Constitution as the basis of what our lawmakers should be doing.  And Not Doing. The Second Posting on this Blog, dated November 11, 2007 has the US Constitution.  Read it.


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