Month: December 2014

Sony, North Korea and Stupidity

The alternate title of this piece would be, Yes you can but…

Sony Pictures was hacked and troves of stuff was accessed by the hackers.

The suspects are connected to North Korea according to the latest reports from the FBI.

Why did the North Koreans do this?

The reason being floated around is that they are upset that Sony is was planing on releasing a comedy flick about killing the leader of their country.

Apparently, Hollywood thinks this is funny.

Funny enough to make a movie and release it on Christmas Day and make a profit.  Otherwise they wouldn’t have backed the movie.  This was supposed to be a money maker, not an Oscar contender.

Now, Sony has backed off and has postponed the release of the movie.  That may change so keep an eye, ear or whatever you use to consume news alert on this stupid story.

The stupidity I want to point out is sitting in Hollywood.

We live in the United States of America where we still have the freedom of speech to make all kinds of statements.  And we sometimes cross the line in the name of humor.  That’s what a lot of comedy is about.  Saying out loud what we or others think.  It was Jerry Seinfield’s shtick along with lots of others.

But turn this around.

If some foreign country made a comedy based on killing our president, would we be laughing, or bothered?

And those of you who are radical enough to believe that is a good idea,  shame on you.  Grow up and stop being such as hater.

Anyway,  in this country we have the freedom to say nearly anything.  However if we make threats against someone, there could be an investigation which could lead to all kinds of trouble.

North Koreans don’t have the freedom of speech we have.

But their government leaders have access to nuclear weapons and other bad, bad things.  They also have been trying for years to gain some respect in the world.  Respect based on fear and power, sort of like a little bully.

If it is true that the North Korean Government hacked Sony and is now threatening the United States because of this movie, I don’t blame them.

Not that what they are doing is right, but what do you expect when you tease or threaten a bully?

Look at the motivations and mindsets again.

Sony just wants to make money.

North Korea just wants respect.

Someone should have vetoed the making of this movie before it was given the green light.

Sony is paying the price by being hacked and having all of their secrets revealed.

Yes the hackers should be prosecuted.

People should lose their jobs.  The people who allowed Sony’s security stay out of date and be “hackable”.

The people who made the move don’t need to apologize to North Korea.  But they probably should anyway.

That’s how Sony should wish the Koreans a Merry Christmas.