Month: December 2015

Another Year

2015 is history. 2016 is alive and in full swing.

The calendar, like the clock does not stop for anyone. Rich, poor, black or white, each person is given the same amount of time each hour, each day, week, etc.

As I wrapped up the year, I saw that there are many people who are focused on their own circle of life to worry about, or care about the political scene we see unfolding as we kick off the real process of voting to select our next President.

By the time I get to vote in a primary in May, the GOP may have 3 to 5 candidates and the Dems will have Bernie and Hillary.   So while it is interesting and often makes me shake my head wondering when I hear these people talk about why they deserve my vote, I can just be an observer until the end of April.

In the meantime, life will move forward.  Looking back at 2015 first…

I saw friends and family touched by death more this year than any other I recall.  From my Mom’s side of the family,  one cousin and her mom both lost to cancer last winter.  On my Dad’s side, another cousin lost her oldest son to suicide.

Closer to home my step-kids lost their dad unexpectedly when his heart gave out while he was on a bike ride. Death also touched some of my former co-workers in Detroit and former high school classmates.  Maybe I am at the age (56) where death starts showing its ugly face with more frequency.  I hope not, but if this is the new norm then it was ushered in with an increased frequency.  Besides those previously mentioned, a friend of mine who encouraged me to register my own business a few years ago lost his battle to cancer and I just found out this week that my dental hygienist was grieving the loss of her mom a couple weeks ago.

Other changes saw my youngest daughter divorce and her husband has primary custody of their two young ones.  My heart aches for all of them and yet I know that there is life, lots of it on the other side of divorce, having gone through it myself.

Oldest daughter and family moved to Colorado, son and wife moved the opposite direction to South Carolina and step-daughter and family are attempting to relocate closer to us.

These are the things that are weighing on peoples hearts and minds more than political matters.

This week, I noticed a friends facebook posting about a change in offices that also put a perspective on our lives:

Guy Renovating My Office: “How’s it look?”

Me: “Awesome! Thanks for your work!”

Guy Renovating My Office: “Glad to have the work.”

Me Internally: “(Jesus Christ, I take literally everything for granted. I am thankful for a steady job and a paycheck and benefits and…and…and…)”

Each of us is blessed. As I said at the beginning,  we all have the same 24 hours a day. Let’s value them and live fully in the days ahead.