Month: March 2009


I’m really tired of the political talk on radio & TV.  I turned it off last week and started listening to music again.  Which is too bad, becausemusic1, I’ve listened to talk on the radio for the last 20 years.

This past weekend, I spent 3 great hours with my daughter talking about a little of everything including health care and other issues.

The answers will come from conversations where one listens and the other talks, and then you go back and forth without trying to convince the other that they are an idiot.  Now it takes 2 to play fair and that’s not always easy.  But if you really listen and really talk, instead of argue and attack, then we can move forward.

That’s why I generally stay out of politics.

One other thought, you have contradictions just like I do.  And instead of focusing on the areas we disagree with, start with the areas we have in common.  It helps the conversational process and the answers will come as the ideas flow.

Do you only listen to those that you agree with?  Then get out and learn about the other sides.  And have a real reason for taking a stand based on facts, not just emotion.

Now, it’s back to the tunes for awhile.




President Obama won the Presidential Election by focusing on 2 words that people were hungering for.

Change was one.  But everyone was using that word.  So you have to look at the other word too.

Hope was the word that really inspired people.

The problem is that such a tiny minority know the basics of our Federal Government.


  1. What are the three branches of Government?
  2. How is the difference between a Senator and a Representative?
  3. Can you name all  of your own elected officials from President on down to local government leaders?

I could go on, but you get the picture.  And it’s not pretty for those of us that want a government that follows the constitution.

So, what can you and I do?

You need to give Hope and Change in your message AND pair it with policies that are constitutionally correct.   That’s the kind of Change that we need. And that gives hope…

The Radicals

First of all, I’m not sure what the answers are to the mess our country is in.  Too many folks are pointing fingers at others as to who to blame and depending on where you get your information, you could be influenced either way.

Next, when I titled this the Radicals, I was not referring to the left or the right specifically because they exist in both camps.

So on this site, I am adding some viewpoints that deserve checking out.  Be careful however because you need to understand the motivation behind anyone’s words, including mine.

And for the record, I believe that our Federal Government has overstepped their constitutional boundaries for a long, long, long time.  Longer than I have been alive.  The problem is we are so used to them doing what they do, we somehow accept it.  And because it is the Federal Government, not local government, we seem to feel powerless.   Enough of my words for the moment, take a look at this from the Earthfrisk Blog that I stumbled across:

Obama dictatorship american revolution

America With Eyes Wide Shut

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. THOMAS JEFFERSON, letter to W.S. Smith, Nov. 13, 1787

The Second American Revolution Countdown: 4 years or less!

Do you sense that something is wrong in America these days?  Do you have that ominous, or even dreadful feeling that we are about to witness “change”.  Perhaps because you have wondered just what that change entails?  Maybe not those of you with Obama “stars” in your eyes, but millions of patriots in the United States can feel there is a problem, see it, and sense what is taking place right before our eyes.

Our Founders would cry if they could see this taking place!

I say this with the deepest regret, and with utmost reverence for what our Founding Fathers created in these United States of America.  America’s days without another Revolution are soon to come to an end.  I can almost guarantee you that, within the next 4 years, your perceptions will change of reality as you know it, as well as challenge and test you in ways that you never thought would happen.

Not just another American Revolution

Revolution…  How many times have you heard that said?  There is this revolution, the “iPod Revolution”, the “Sexual Revolution” and so on. Well the American  Revolution I speak of, is in the truest, and most drastic sense of the word.

At the time that I am writing this, at least 20 – 30% of Americans understand thus far, know the true nature of President Obama, and the steps he is now taking to destroy freedom.  Not to ensure it, or liberate those without.  A real Second American Revolution is now on the horizon.  Teach your children well as history repeats itself.  For tomorrow is uncertain, and the Barbarians are at our gates.

Give me liberty or give me death.
Patrick Henry

Less than 4 Years Left of Freedom at Most

We are witnessing the literal death of our Republic, that can come in less than 4 years. Yes, you read that correctly. America will cease to exist as you presently know, within just 4 years. Possibly even less, if President Obama and his ilk, have their way. Even if somehow Obama is stopped by The Joints Chiefs of Staff (The Military) or even a true People’s Revolution,  America will still be a very different country in the aftermath, by the time the next Presidential Elections are to happen,  if they ever get to happen. (November 2012).

The Nightmare becomes a reality for America

I do not say these words lightly either. In fact, this scares the hell out of me, as well as, those that are in-the-know on current events.  I truly wish this were one, long , nightmare.  But, as an American, I cannot stick my head in the sand, as the politicians want us to do.  I can no longer just stand by and watch as each of the steps outlined below, are carried out one after the other until that fateful day, within a few years, when the hammer falls.

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell

We Haven’t Fallen Just Yet…

Maybe, just maybe, enough people will print this out, and talk to their friends. If you do, then tell them how this was all outlined and pointed out ahead of time.  To stop it they need to read this now, and care about the future.  Perhaps, they will also notice what I notice about this pressing issue, and think or act against this, before all of these steps are taken.   However, I fear this will not be up on the net for long, because once President Obama does in fact create his police force dissension, both on the net, and in the media, will be crushed in the name of “social justice”.

The Path to Dictatorship or Revolution in the least

Here is the exact path to turmoil and ending in the Obama dictatorship if we allow it. How you will react to each step along the path is up to you.  I am here to tell you exactly how Obama can throw our nation into its worst political crisis, since the Civil War.

How Many Points on this Page Need to Be Met Before You Say Enough?

Since some of the following is yet to happen and will not happen for several months or even a year or so, at what point will it be before you say enough is enough?

Will you wait until the terror attacks are hitting American Streets? Because, believe me, it’s coming. Obama is almost guaranteeing that there will be plenty of terrorists, who will gladly come into America to kill us.  See below for details. It will suffice to say at this time that he is letting our enemies go from Gitmo ( Guantanomo Bay) and releasing these fine upstanding animals so that they will do us harm.

The Road to Revolution in America

Well, let us start the journey down the road to Revolution in the United States of America.  I believe you will understand it all, and at the very least, by the end of this article you will be ever vigilant.  Perhaps maybe, you’ll even exercise your 2nd Amendment rights, before you can no longer do so.

Statement: President Obama will be in a position to attempt a coup by 2011 or 2012 at latest and here is exactly how it can be done.  I know it sounds incredible and I wish it weren’t true.  Please save this ( print out in case this site is taken down)

The Steps to Dictatorship in the U.S.A.

Setting the stage for a criminal administration. When one starts off as a criminal one only gets worse with time. Follow the logic below, check the links, and be afraid! Be very afraid, or at the least, prepare yourself and your family.  The actual steps taking place to destroy the Republic are listed below.

Step 1.

Devastate the Economy of the United States

Democrats criminal CRA

Devastate the Economy of the United States

Obama and the Democrats have done exceedingly well in this respect.  Don’t blame Bush for this one.  The Democrats are nearly 85% responsible.

With the CRA ( Community Reinvestment Act) they literally forced banks to make loans to people who could not afford them. Thus crashing our entire financial system.

The entire financial meltdown’s origin is this:

  • The Government mandated that banks must provide loans to people in the inner cities who have no credit, no money and are considered bad risks. The very people the banks refused to give loans to. (see comic above) Understand that our system worked well and the free market and capitalism works, and works better than any other system ever on earth.  It is only with government interference that we get the following –
  • The Government promised to prevent all expansion and create legal difficulties and lawsuits if any bank refused to give loans to people they didn’t want to and never would have given loans to.
  • Barack Obama even worked for a firm that sued banks for not making enough loans. Isn’t that funny? (See video) I love how this guy goes around the country preaching economic sanity, while he helped caused the meltdown, and now does everything possible for further destruction.
  • The bankers were relaxed when the government said that Fannie Mae ( the government and your tax dollars) would back the bad loans. Isn’t that like politicians? Using your money to guarantee bad loans. They would be safe to make as many loans as they wished.  Bad move but now a logical one if you are a Marxist and want to destroy the financial system.
  • Get it – Monopoly Money! These damned politicians told greedy bankers that they can make as many loans as they wish as long as it were to inner city poor who are all bad risks.  They said don’t worry the government backs them . You’re safe.   Lie on top of lie on top of lie.
  • This is the greed part. The government used the natural greed of our bankers to destroy the entire banking system , in the name of social justice.  Is this sick or what? We fell for this!  Don’t believe it? – watch Pelosi and other criminals on tape yourself, Second video on the following page (click here) Then come back.  In fact watch both as there is some different info on each.
  • The Fact is we now have put the very people who caused our entire financial meltdown in power.  While at the same time blaming Republicans.  Is this not the perfect storm for a Marxist planned and initiated Revolution that is now in progress as we speak? Remember this the next time you here these creatures tell of the excesses of the Republicans. It is the Democrats in fact that created and forced the CRA.

One last point for you to ponder to further understand this. Home prices grew with inflation for over 100 years in the United States. That was until 1996.  This is when the devastatingly large amount of loans started up, thanks to President Clinton and the CRA.  Then the obvious took place. With monopoly money housing prices shot through the roof as money all backed by US taxpayers was given to millions of people! Millions with monopoly money, not understanding the value of making that money. All bought houses that they couldn’t afford. All backed by Fannie Mae and you and me.  This was the real estate boom of the late 1990s.

The Crash Was Inevitable and Planned Quite Well

It was inevitable that the crash would come.  Nothing in life is free my friends.

What is amazing is how the media has painted this as capitalism crashing. The free market failing, when it is the complete and total opposite. Only government interference and laws caused this.  Things worked fine before the CRA. How dare the Democrats and Obama lecture America about greed that they puroposely caused!  This has to be the greatest scam ever perpetrated on the American people.

Now in order to correct their financial meltdown, that Obama and the Democrats blame on the free market, we create more laws that further erode our freedoms and further destroys the financial system .  In essence Revolution is almost a certainty now.

Now you know the truth. Spread the word.  Watch the videos and forever know who has caused all of this harm to our nation.

Watch this video here for complete details on this criminal yet legal act of kindness.  Yes it was an act of kindness to try to help people with bad credit or with no money to buy their own homes. But…

The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

You can still hear them ( The Criminal Democrats on video at this link (second video) say they did nothing wrong and we need to lend more money to people who can’t afford to pay it back – they even say this amazingly on tape!)

Free Houses Anyone? Nothing in life is free, Witness the collapsing economy

They still think they did nothing wrong and over and over you can hear them in the media blaming Republicans. You MUST watch this video here if you still haven’t in order to be in the know with the the CRA scam that has destroyed the American financial system.  Watch the video and forever be armed with how these criminals took the American financial system down.   Link on CRA

Want to get scared, watch the videos and further get disgusted as you learn the the leaders and CEO’s of Fannie Mae and Goldman Sachs Board members, Lehman which they ran out of business, all are Obama supporters and now getting cabinet posts for their great work.  Like WTF is going on? The video names names.  Wake up America.  It is almost too late.

The snowball is rolling down the hill

Every move the Democrats now make is designed for total economic meltdown.  Obama has scared the hell out of all investors and for the first time ever in the history of the United States, our stock market is down 24% since the new President took office. Unheard of in our history.  Link

Unemployment will Increase substantially Thanks to Obama’s Fake Stimulus and spending bills.  He and the Democrats are bankrupting America as we watch.

Is there really anyone in America that thinks that 400 million for Sexually transmitted diseases, or a billion dollars for the Arabs in Gaza will help America get out of our financial crisis?  Only the truly dense could ever think so.  To think that the Democrats are also borrowing all of this money to give away.  Is that not a kick in the head or what? We don’t have this money that Obama is spending, while at the same time he tells us all the exact opposite. That he is for fiscal responsibility.  Really Mr. President? Marxist ideology played to utter perfection.

Unemployment is currently 7.6% (link) and climbing.  Thanks to the idiocy of the policies of the Democrats and President Obama we are all but guaranteed to see unemployment top 10% within 6 months to a year.  With just 8% more than that and we will be at Great Depression Unemployment rates in 1938 Link Link

We are talking economic disaster and Obama is cheering it all the way down!

Oh what a tangled web he’ll weave when the politician opens his mouth to deceive.

Step 2:

He Will Create His own Police Force

Obama Dear Leader Lenin

The Marxists need a reason in a currently free country to create their national police force or ‘civil defense force’.  Basically to achieve a Marxist regime Obama must create this paramilitary group.  Without which he will not be successful in any power grab. Keep this in mind over the coming months.   He will do so and try to create it in one of 2 ways.

College Students to be Forced to Join a Paramilitary Red Shirt Group, So says Obama’s Chief of Staff. Listen to him yourself.

Listen to Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s Chief of Staff explain how college students are about to be forced to join (mandatory) a military organization, with boots and nice crisp uniforms. The Red Shirts are coming, the Red Shirts are truly coming and it is 2009! This joker even wrote a book about it  link.

  1. He will sneak legislation through Congress (since none of the Congressmen even read the bills that they sign, throwing billions of our dollars around the world in the process. )  LINK OR
  2. He will also attempt the fear route ( he has started this process already!).  What he needs to do is have terrorist attacks take place in America so that he can ’save us’  and create his monstrous civil police force.

He is already doing it all!

How can he achieve this?  He is said to want to release ALL of the terrorists within a year currently in prison in Gitmo.  Terrorists have a 100% recidivism rate (rate at which they return to being terrorists).

Why else do you think Obama just released Binyam Mohamed?  It is a test to see if America shows any outrage.  How can there be with news like this on page 12. The media hid this fact for the most part while President Obama Let him go!  To what end? Think ? Link

When the terror attacks begin in America, Blame Obama

With all of the terrorists soon to be released Obama can easily count on many of them making there way to America and doing what they do best.  Only then can Obama easily create his national Police Force.  The excuse being he needs to protect us from the very terrorists he now releases from Gitmo. They are sure to bring friends with them, you can rely on that as well.  All of them I’m sure can easily be encouraged to go to Canada then walk across the border into the US and strike sometime in 2009 or 2010.

We were safe under Bush after 9/11

You can say a lot of things about President Bush but one thing is we were safe after 9/11.  Bush stopped many terrorist attacks including a devastating van and explosive attack which would have killed thousands possibly in Times Square during the Ball Drop on New Years Eve.

Amazing How We’ll Soon Have Attacks With President Obama.

When the terrorist attacks start, please think to yourself and realize that it is Obama that is releasing these creatures to harm us and to what end – to create his national police force.

If these facts of life hitting us all in the face aren’t enough to make you fearful for our nation’s future, I really don’t know what will.

So let me take this one step further and really scare you.  Keep an open mind and follow the logic to the crazy land of Obama-Bizzaro World.

FACT: The United States does NOT check the background of applicants who run for the Presidency! There is no national HR Department that checks if you even qualify for public office. The courts have stated that it is up to the political parties to make sure a candidate is qualified.

This is why we even had one guy from Nicaragua just this past November (2008) who isn’t even an American citizen run for President of the United States as the Socialist Workers Party candidate? WTF!

No one stopped him from running!  This means anyone can run for the Presidency, even Arnold Swarzenneger, born in Austria.  Understand? No one checks the qualifications at all.  This fact is almost unreal! Most Americans have no idea at all at how easy it is to scam our nation.

With this in mind may I suggest some interesting facts to you for your amusement or disgust.  I’m sure you know which emotion I hold when contemplating the above and the following:

Conspiracy Theory Goes Factual On Obama.

FACT : The State of Hawaii issues REAL birth certificates to people born in other nations like Russia, Japan, China and Kenya. Link (with direct links to Hawaii’s online pages stating this , More info – Link , Link

FACT: Only the  vault copy of an American citizen’s birth certificate will tell what nation you were born in if you have a real  Hawaiian birth certificate  Thousands of people born in South Africa, Australia and Indonesia have real authentic birth certificates that Snopes and Factcheck would say were real, all in the state of Hawaii. Isn’t Hawaii interesting?

FACT: The President of the United States has now spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prevent you from seeing his vault copy.  HmmmLink Link Link Link Link

FACTWhy this matters – there are 3 requirements to become President of the United States.  They are:

  1. You must be 35 years of age
  2. You must be a resident of the US for 14 years
  3. You must be a natural born citizen of the United States.

The bottom line of this is if there is nothing to hide, why is Obama still hiding it and why does he and his legal team think that you and I have no right to question his qualifications?

Something to think hard about as lawsuit after lawsuit is filed, and yet Obama will not let us see his birth certificate.

FACT : The State of Hawaii NEVER said Obama was born in Hawaii. They only stated that they have seen the original Hawaii birth certificate and that it is real, just like the thousands of other REAL original birth certificates in Hawaii of people born in other nations. Like Obama’s sister who also has a REAL HAWAIIAN birth certificate, yet she was born in Indonesia! Are you thinking yet?

Here’s Hawaii’s press release after Obama went to Hawaii this past November. Notice how they will NEVER say he was actually born in Hawaii.  From this release the media which is all too biased comes up with articles such as this and even better click here and see how the media just makes up a fact – Hawaii saying that Barack was born there. They did not. Read the first line. Notice also how they keep repeating they hold or have seen the original birth certificate.  Strange how we can’t see it huh!  Aren’t you curious? Don’t we have a right to know? This is still our country right?

America Needs A Leader with Clout to Simply Request Obama’s Help in Alleviating Public Mistrust.

What we need now is a few active duty Generals in the Armed forces to respectfully ask Obama with a public statement (so they aren’t violating any laws) to see his birth certificate.  Obama and crew want this all ignored and will do everything to avoid publicity.  If you know any Officers in the military send this to them and ask them to be brave and take a step forward.

Perhaps one or more Generals will go public with just such a request, making a path for his own future political career like Eisenhower.

FACT: (and last point on the birth certificate controversy) President Obama can end all of this by simply letting us see his birth certificate.  NO ONE has seen it. What is on it that we can’t be allowed to see it?  Does the President have just no common sense at all and would rather spend hundreds of thousands to stop us from seeing it, or is there something else here going on? Link

Link – Join the petition (like petitions matter) so far 290,000 people have signed! Petition is for Obama to release his birth certificate.

One last note – Hospitals in Hawaii have no record ( especially the two claimed as places of Obama’s birth) of he or Mother in hospital for childbirth – ever! Just another Hmmm. Link

The whole world is proud of Obama and yet no hospital is coming forth and no Doctor either who delivered him. Surely a shrine would be proposed by now in front of the hospital that delivered ‘ The One’ It is as if he was never born in Hawaii.  Hmm yet again.  Does this surprise anyone? Guess who claims Obama? Mombasa Hospital in Kenya.  How is it that there is a hospital in Kenya with sealed records of Obama and his mother? Sealed due to Obama’s pressure on the Kenyan government in October in Kenya. Hey I thought he was born in Hawaii as claimed? Now you know why he refuses to let us see his vault copy of his birth certificate.

The lies of his family in America told of two hospitals where he was supposedly born.  See this link

Only Barack Obama’s family in Kenya ( which is about to have a a National Holiday for Obama since everyone in Kenya knows he was born in Kenya. ) claims they were at his birth, and in Kenya.

To Recap the timeline thus far…

  • President Obama has scammed this nation and looks to be not even qualified to be President of the United States.  He refuses to show anyone his birth certificate! Even now!
  • He is (with the help of the rest of the Democrats) systematically destroying the free market and capitalism.
  • He is playing class warfare and by making the nation poorer, increases his voting support with each new unemployment benefits recipient.
  • He is releasing our enemies to kill us or at least try. Giving him the excuse to create his Civil Defense Force.  Once this group is created there is only the final step needed.

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

Thomas Jefferson

The final steps to an American Dictatorship

The Civil Defense Group is pivotal for any coup to be successful. It is the duty of every American who wishes to remain free to prevent him from creating his own police force.  For it is this force that enables the end of the Republic quite simply.

Once the Civil Defense Force is in place (by 2011 or 2012 at latest) Obama then moves on Private gun ownership and uses his police force to collect the weapons currently in the legal hands of the citizens of the United States. He can do this like so.

The audacious avenue would be a direct attack on our 2nd American rights. (see one scenario spoken of). I somehow doubt he has it in him to try this direct route written of in this article.   Even after we are scammed into a 10 or 12% unemployment rate in the future Americans will not let it happen.  Or so we can hope and pray.

The Whispers and Shouts of the Second American Revolution grow every week now.

He must destroy the 2nd Amendment!

I believe he will go for the legal BS route, and do his best to have laws introduced that severely restrict private gun ownership. Seeing to it that only the military, police, and his own police force, yet to be formed are armed, can possess them. He will then have free reign all over America!

America with Eyes Wide Open

After this all hell breaks loose, America’s Eyes that are currently “Wide Shut” , will open to the realities of a Marxist want-to-be pretender, who will hold onto power by ANY means necessary!

Hint: Look for a “conspiracy” and mass arrests of Republicans after this point, and of course I’m sure, the Second American Revolution will be well under way.

Can We Still Stop This?

You can fight this! Please pass this around to your friends and relatives Have everyone watch the steps, and maybe, just maybe, enough of us can “peacefully” prevent it all.  It is not likely by far, but we can hope.  Marxists won’t go down without a fight so keep this in mind…

Media Bias to the Extreme

The Biased media is so far left these days that even the NY Times has a website dedicated to exposing all of the daily bias that it oozes.  See

With Media Bias at rampant levels and seeing how journalism has died in 2008 as the media fawned over Lord Obama as the second coming of Christ, we can no longer just go along with what we are told.

One Imperative for you to Save America

What you can do if you are at least 18

Even if you have never fired a weapon, do yourself a favor and exercise your constitutional right to bear arms. Buy a rifle, take some lessons and start up a hunting club. Even if you don’t hunt.  Start a marksmanship club in your college or even high school.  Whatever you do, DO NOT EVER Give up your right to bear arms! Not to any government EVER.

All the stories you hear from history – around the world – about ethnic cleansing, oppression of minorities, totalitarian regimes – none of these could have happened if the people were armed.

The Second Amendment is the enforcement clause” of the rest of the Bill of Rights. The right to keep and bear arms is, like free speech and religious freedom, a central part of our political heritage as a free people. We MUST preserve it. The Advocates

Brave Americans remember that you are not alone. All you need is the conviction in your heart and mind to safeguard our nation’s future.  As John F. Kennedy said

‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’

We are not now that strength which in old days
Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are,–
One equal temper of heroic hearts,
Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Taken from Ulysses by Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1833

America Will Not Fall! Prepare to Resist AND Overcome the Obama power grab.

See Obamas Revenge