What If It’s All True?

Swamplife. That’s the image of our Federal Government these days.  It’s not new, but Donald J. Trump rose from being an outsider to the President on the promise of draining “the swamp”.

In my adult lifetime, since the Reagan era, the legislative branch of our Federal Government approval rating has been less than 50% with the exception of 2001 which was most likely due to our coming together as a country after 9/11/2001.  

Was this the swamp that Trump was referring to?  Maybe.  But according to the right wing political people, it’s deeper than the elected officials.  Deeper as in a Deep State of un-elected bureaucrats, government employees and their associates inside and outside of government.

That is what is coming to a head today as the President calls for an investigation into the FBI to see if they planted a spy in his campaign.

I have been overwhelmed at times listening to the reporting of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh on the radio and also the likes of Rachel Maddow and others on MSNBC and CNN.

My media habits are a pretty balanced consumption of all of the above. During the day, if I am in my car, Rush is on from noon to 3pm and Sean is on from 6pm to 9pm.  I may hear a total of an hour per day of conservative talk during the week.  My wife is a big Rachel fan and often at 9pm, MSNBC is on before we Z-out.

As a critical thinker, I lean conservative.  But I also can see the benefit of certain liberal ideas, like Social Security and Medicare.   My wife who is nearly a decade older than me is a died in the wool liberal but honestly not a very critical thinker when it comes to all of this.  Emotion rules and the facts be damned with her.

The reason I bring up Social Security and Medicare is that my wife took early retirement payments of her Social Security benefits and when she became eligible for Medicare, I discovered she has better coverage than I do for health insurance.  Our out of pocket costs didn’t change much when I took her off my plan, but the Medicare options she has is much better than my health insurance when it comes to out of pocket costs (deductibles and co-pays).

The last couple of paragraphs were about me personally just so you could see my bias.

As a critical thinker and a former media personality and show-biz type, I understand and can easily recognize the hype and B.S. slinging that both the right and the left use in the media to appeal to their bases.  It’s real simple and here’s how it works:

Take a snippet of truth and blow it out of proportion and see how long you can make it an issue and talking point.  Blast those who question what you are saying with the #FakeNews label and see if you can keep it alive longer than the 24 hour news cycle.

Label everything as #BreakingNews until the public becomes numb or dumb and then keep doing this over and over and over again to keep your ratings up.

But back to my original question:

What If It’s All True?

Or what if there is swampland everywhere?

What if there is a deep state of actors that were doing there best to get Hillary Clinton elected as our 45th POTUS and when that didn’t happen, then they did plan B and that was to destroy any legitimacy (on all levels) of a Trump presidency?  That there really was an organized buddy system that connected the Clintons to a whole bunch of bad actions with their foundation and world leaders and “deep state actors” from other countries?   I listened to the audio version of Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump by Jerome R. Corsi a couple months ago and found it both tangible and confusing.  Confusing because you need a white board to connect all the dots of the people and their relationships with each other and like I mentioned, I was listening to the book, not reading and taking notes.

The idea behind the book and evidence mentioned include the mainstream news media as being not just compliant but active participants in a cover-up of wrong doings on the left.

On the opposite side, we have people like Rachel Maddow and her friends at MSNBC along with the New York Times and Washington Post who seem to be obsessed with dot connecting and second guessing to bring down the president.  A running joke on the Rachal Maddow show is that they will prepare all day for her hour long show, then in the hour before and sometimes during her TV show at 9pm, all that prep is pushed aside to make room for a new scoop.

Donald Trump himself has provided enough material every week for the left leaning reporters with his tweets as he attempts to circumvent the traditional media channels.

And I am afraid that President Trump has brought his own swamp creatures to Washington.  The Donald Trump businessman character has been operating in the same way he always has except his business tactics run against the way Washington operates.  Sometimes it works.  Actually more has been done than he’s given credit for and his unconventional methods (by Washington standards) are actually normal for a New York businessman with international dealings.

So is Rachel Maddow or Rush Limbaugh correct?  Where are the dirty dogs?  What if there is dirt on the left AND on the right?

The dirt on the left would be political and most likely tied to the Clintons and Obama.  The dirt on the right would be tied to business deals and the bevy of people that Trump brought on board who had dirty hands but were politically ignorant?

I think that Trump has been a disrupter and part of that is due to his lack of political experience and doing things in his usual Trump Businessman fashion which while not pretty seems to have worked for him in the business world.

I sincerely hope that the whole truth on both sides comes out and we can be better for it.



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