Politics, Guns, and Prayer

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive.

We have the ability to expose ourselves to the news and opinions of others in such a manner that wasn’t possible a decade ago.  Some of the technology changes in the past year have given us exposure to stuff that wasn’t available in 2015.

I’m thinking of the live video feed on Facebook where a woman began broadcasting a police stop that went horribly wrong as her boyfriend is dying right next to her, her little daughter is in the car seat in the backseat and we see the police officer pointing his weapon and yelling.

I’ve only watched it a couple of times and it was on a cable news show Thursday night, but it is sickening.

The peaceful protests and marches around the country Thursday evening when I went to bed turned deadly after I was asleep and it was the gasp of my wife Friday morning when she turn on the news to hear about the police shootings in Dallas that prompted me to grab my phone and check the news.

We live in a country where there are lots of guns.

Most are owned by law abiding citizens or capable, trained law enforcement officers.

Then there are those that make the news because they broke the law and/or are not fit to carry a weapon.

It’s the second group, a much smaller group that paints such a grim picture of life in America.

The reality is we have always had this mixture of good and bad.

Taking away guns from good people is not the answer because then only the bad people will have guns and the rest of us are their prey just waiting to be shot.

I don’t know the answer to all of this because if it was easy to create a fool proof way to know the good folks from the bad, we would have done it by now.

There are plenty of simple cases of mistaken identity along with criminal activity resulting in having your identity compromised that has made this a complex problem.

By the way, for those that think this kind of thing only happens somewhere else, look around.

At last count, Fort Wayne has had 19 homicides in the first 27 weeks of the year.  Yes, we have a gang problem and that is part of the reason for those deaths.  But there are families and loved ones connected to each of those murders.

Another crime spree has been occurring in a neighborhood I used to live in on the northeast side of town as an arsonist(s) is targeting vacant homes and setting them on fire in the middle of the night.  Clearly not a good person.

As a person of faith as a Christian, I understand that this world we live in is filled with both good and evil and that ultimately I get to escape this chaos on earth to spend eternity in a perfect heaven.  In the meantime, I pray.

When nothing else makes sense, or you don’t know what to do… pray.

That’s been my method of coping with our government too.  I’m not looking forward to the next 4 1/2 years with either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.

For either one, it’s a power grab and while the Executive Branch has limited power according to our Constitution, I am not impressed that the other two, the Judicial Branch or Legislative Branch are doing much better.

I pray for our government leaders at all levels that they will earnest seek to do God’s will in their personal lives and in the responsibilities they were given.  I pray the same for our first responders and military.  I pray the same for business people and my neighbors.  I pray the same prayer for friends and acquaintances.

I pray for each member of my family, for my wife and myself, to earnestly seek God’s will in our personal lives and the responsibilities we are given.  And I take the time to thank God for the simple blessings along with the complicated blessings too.IMG_20160702_213304713

That’s how I regain a sense of positivity.  How about you?


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