Undocumented or Illegal?

Many of us have noticed a switch in the language used to describe certain people in the United States. The certain people are immigrants who have not gone through the legal process to obtain permission to be here.

Undocumented or Illegal? 

There are multiple ways to legally enter the United States and the most common is with a passport.

There are also visa programs and numerous ways to live here on a temporary basis legally.  Sometimes these people overstay their legal length of visiting and we don’t have a very good way of ensuring that they comply with the law.

They came here legally and because they did that, we trust them to honor their word to reapply or leave.

But those that came here legally as I just described are not the ones that are making the headlines in this Presidential political season that Donald Trump has made a part of his platform.

He (and others) are talking about those who cross the border (mostly our southern/Mexico border) without any legal authority to do so.

It hasn’t been politically correct to all these people illegal immigrants for the last few years.  It sounds bad.  It sounds like they are criminals.

That’s why the switch to undocumented immigrants came about.  Not so harsh.  Not mean.

After all, we are a nation of immigrants unless you are a Native American Indian.

However here we are in 2015. Our government has had laws on the books since 1790 regarding this topic and yet we have been lax to enforce our laws, especially compared to other countries.

We, the American people have good hearts.  We want the best for everyone. The United States has been a land of opportunity for centuries, before the United States were formed, Europeans came here to start new lives.

Estimates say we have between 10 and 20 million “Undocumented” immigrants living in the United States right now and that to kick them out is not only heartless, but would disrupt our economy.

I do not know the answer to all of this.  But one thing I do know:

We need to return to the term Illegal Immigrant and stop the watered down Undocumented Immigrant language.

Then we can address the problem in a systematic fashion, one that reflects the compassionate hearts that Americans have while also recognizing the importance of law and order for our civilization.

Do the laws need to be changed? I say yes because our government is ignoring the current laws now due to public pressure. We change laws all the time as our country strives to make improvements.  But please, confront the problem head on instead of this downward path we have been on.  Then we can make positive progress.


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