The Aftermath of the 1st GOP Debate(s)

Thursday was the day we looked forward to.

Not in a normal way we look forward to something fun and exciting.

For me it was more like the feeling when you are stuck in traffic because there is a bottleneck up ahead and you are not sure what is causing it.  It could be a horrendous accident with blood and guts all over the road or it could be the highway crew closing down a lane to fill in some old pot holes.

I was planning on catching the also rans at 5pm but I got home after 6 and only saw the last few minutes.

When the big boy debate ramped up I realized why I don’t watch Fox News.  This wasn’t a serious debate, it was a joke.

I almost sound like Trump as I type those words but I won’t be as rude.

In years past a debate was where there were topics and questions and everyone got their turn at answering the question from the moderator.

This was more like a vetting operation.  The 3 host/moderators took turns asking questions crafted to each persons flaws and weaknesses and asked them to defend themselves.

Substance? Nope.  Real Answers to Real Important Questions? You had to ask a Real Important Question and that never happened.

Okay, so they didn’t ask softball questions like, “What’s your favorite color?” but this was a waste of time.

Even with the lack of substance, I was able to narrow the field of 17 to my favorite 5 possibilities.  So here we go:

I say, Gilmore, Pataki and you say who?  Two old guys who used to be Governors that no one knows or cares about.  They had their shot at fame at 5pm Thursday.

Perry, Santorum, Huckabee and we both have flash backs to the last couple of Republican Presidential Campaigns.  Sorry Rick,  Rick and Mike but your lights are growing dim.  And it’s not because of the Donald.  You just don’t have it this time around to make it.

Also in that kiddy table debate at 5 a few others that need to rest up and find something else to do.  I’m sure they are good folks but this is not their year. I expect Jindall, and Graham to just stay put as they say in their current government jobs.

7 down, 10 to go…

Despite his Christian values and excellent back story, Ben Carson won’t make it.  If you are supporting him or any of those I already mentioned, please stop and look at those that have a chance to not just win the primaries, and the presidency but can also lead and represent the country for 4 or 8 years.

With that last statement, I have to remove a couple more names. Christie, Cruz.  Christie has lost his luster and Cruz was the outrageous one before Trump came along.

On to the Final 7 and I can narrow it down to 5 possibilities. I have to give props to Kasich the Ohio governor that we just started learning about.  He is one I will investigate further.  Same with Fiorina. She is also worth checking out.

Walker, Rubio and Paul.  They also make my top 5 but we will see.  Bush and Trump are not on my list but they are both dangerous.  Jeb needed to shine and his answer to an education question on Common Core was not inline with his public position.  But he has lots of money to hang around awhile.  Trump is an opportunist and can’t be trusted which was what the first question in the debate was all about when the candidates were asked to pledge loyalty to the party candidate when the primary season was over and the Donald refused to rule out an independent run.

In 11 months only one will be the Republican Presidential Candidate and I sincerely hope it is one from this list of five:

  • John Kasich
  • Carly Fiorina
  • Scott Walker
  • Marco Rubio
  • Rand Paul

And as a side note, on the Dem side of the fence,  I hope Bernie Sanders continues his climb as Mrs. Clinton falters and the others running continue to be obscure.

More to come in the months ahead.




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