Not The Donald

I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with my wife about Donald Trump since he started making noise about running for President in 2016.

Actually my wife and I have had ongoing political conversations since we met 15 years ago. Despite our seemingly opposite viewpoints on several issues, we married and have survived some pretty heated debates.

I started this blog as a way to collect my thoughts and share with her and other family members, but I have my doubts if any of them read it.

Anyway, Donald Trump.

The wanna be president?  A blow-hard with some weird hair style?  The guy who led the “birther” movement which claimed that President Obama was not born in the United States?  The leading Republican Candidate in the polls?

According to the website Real Clear Politics that has a listing of the latest polls, Trump is polling better than any of the other Republican candidates.  His biggest lead was a week ago when he scored a 24.  #2 was Scott Walker with 13 and Jeb Bush had a 12 for 3rd place.

Let’s do some math. 13 from Walker plus 12 from Bush = 25.

Add in the poll numbers from the other candidates and you end up with Trump 24, everyone else 68.

(These numbers are from the ABC/Washington Post 7/16-19 poll).

The talking heads on radio and TV are misinterpreting the meaning of the poll.

They say Trump is the Republican Favorite.

No, he is not.  He leads the polls and that’s it.

Turn it upside down.

68% of the people polled picked someone other than Donald Trump.

The Donald only got 24%.  8% said none of them.

Trump is getting all the media coverage.  He was a known name before this election cycle.  The other candidates are simply not known yet.  I don’t know the differences between each of the candidates, at least not all of them and I am not going to start paying a whole lot of attention, now change that…

I am not going to do a lot of research until a few months from now.

I hear the talking heads tell us why we should or should not like: Bush, Walker, Rubio, Paul, Christie, and all the others, but it’s all fluid, not solid.  No one stands out as a clear leader yet.

Once we get the first debate out of the way and maybe the second debate, I’ll do my research on the real candidates that are still running and see who matches my list of what I want.  No one will.  I know that, but somewhere down the line I’ll pick someone by the time we have our Indiana primary in May. Or vote for Bernie?

But no, Not The Donald.  If you listen closely to what he says he will do, he is making claims that he would do stuff that the President of the United States does not have authority to do. That alone disqualifies him in my book, (along with plenty of other reasons.)



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