Indiana Doesn’t Hate You

This month, Indiana’s Governor added his signature to a bill nicknamed “RFRA”.

As the bill made it’s way through both houses of the state legislature, the voices of opposition became more and more vocal and with the signing of the bill, it made national news and reaction.

But over the course of several hours of research and reading the bill, I have come to the conclusion that this is a whole bunch of protest about nothing.

Before you disagree, I ask, have you read the bill?

If so, do you know when the law goes into effect?

This two part question is a trick.

A trick to see if someone is telling the truth.

That they really read the bill, not just listened to the media coverage.

The bill is not an easy read, but it is brief and the answer is there.

Unless you read the bill, stop forming opinions and telling others what the bill/law does and doesn’t do.

I could put links to the bill, or to the multiple comments for and against this law, but I want you to do your homework.

Google RFRA .

I’m not even going to tell you what RFRA stands for.

Google it.  Do your research.  Read the source material on both sides.

I may write another update on this but I’m going to leave you with this simple statement:

Indiana Doesn’t Hate You, no matter who you are.

Now, go do your homework.

Your comments are welcome.


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