The People Who Give Up Their Rights

Yesterday I shared a few thoughts and an article on the dealings that contributed to the results of the 2014 mid-term elections.

Today, I want to focus on the apathy stupidity of the American Adults when it comes to politics.

The people who willingly give up their right to vote, by well, not voting.

Also the people who are willingly uninformed and uneducated about the issues and candidates who do vote, but do so blindly,

I work in marketing and advertising and my focus of study is on human relationship principles.

The media on the left and the right focus on what they believe will keep viewers, readers and listeners.  They are not interested in finding a middle ground, they have been led to believe that we want to rally around one view and not another and they make money perpetuating division by pointing out that the enemy is the other side and they are the hero.

So we have plenty of voters who are being fed one side of a story depending on the slant of the story tellers and they begin to believe the hype.

Or they simply get tired of the hype and tune out, disgusted with the whole process and become apathetic.

I understand the discouragement and disgust that many feel on both the left and right that leads them to bury their heads and wish it would all go away.

But I have a big problem with those people who are outspoken on one side or another who don’t even do the research to find truths behind all the mud slinging.

There was a local ballot issue in our county that was non-partisan in nature but I saw the supporters were mostly from one side of the political spectrum and the opposition was from the other side.

I spoke with one of my closest friends who is very outspoken politically about the issue before the election and she was unaware of the two positions on this ballot issue.  Before she went to vote, she did a little bit of research and then trotted off to the polls.  She voted her predictable straight ticket and then cast her vote on the ballot issue based on the propaganda from the ads she heard.  She essentially voted the opposite of what her political peers did, not because she understood the  differences, but because she listened to the political ads.  After the election we discussed who and what we voted for and she still has no idea what the simple facts are of the ballot issue.  How do I know?  She was able to quote almost word for word the wording of one side but had no clue what the other side was saying.

I did my research.  It wasn’t easy but I took some time before the final hours to read and research the issues and candidates that were going to be on my ballot.  I did not blindly support one party.  I voted for candidates all over the board and I was an informed voter.

Unfortunately too many voters are not informed and vote anyway.

And equally unfortunate is the number of people eligible to vote (age 18+) who don’t vote and use excuses on why they don’t participate.


One comment

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m tired of straight ticket voters. Not every person of whichever party is the right person. Blindly voting like sheep is crazy. The other thing about this election that drives me batty is the obscene amount of money that was spent by the candidates and the pacs.

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