The End of Racism

The election of President Obama was significant in 2008 for multiple reasons, but one that sticks out is the concept of racism.

There is no way that he was able to win the election if he only received votes from African-Americans.  It wasn’t mathematically possible.

Even though I did not vote for him, I saw this as a turning point, one more step to ending the racism that has lived in our country for hundreds of years (before we were a country).

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

As a white guy, I only have my own life experiences and they are different from black friends simply because of our skin color.

But racism is an attitude, right?

We are in the beginning stages of discovering why Michael Brown, an 18 year old black man was killed this month and the subject of race is back on the big screen and the net.

It seems that anyone can be a racist.  25 years ago, a black co-worker of mine used to complain about some of his black clients.  He said they were always on C.P. Time .  When I asked him what he was talking about, he said C.P. Time is Colored People Time,  and it was always 30 to 60 minutes late.  If  he had a 11 am meeting schedule with one of these clients, and he showed up at 11:30, he wasn’t a half hour late, he was a half hour early.

We happen to have a friend who is of German and Irish heritage and she is nearly always late, so this tardiness is not limited to one race.

But it is a racial stereotype, at least in Detroit.

I long for the day when we will not see the differences in each other as a negative, but something to enjoy and embrace.

And for those of you who think that anyone who doesn’t like the actions of President Obama is a racist… that in itself is a racist assumption and comment.

The end of racism isn’t here yet and I urge everyone to be extremely cautious before declaring some one or some thing racist and along those same lines, don’t be afraid to question someone who is.


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