Gay Marriage in America

Earlier this week I wrote about this subject on my other website.  I proposed that the arguments that were presented to the Supreme Court in the two separate cases they were presented actually has a solution that is both a compromise and one that can create a victory for both sides.

I encourage you to read it by going here.

One of the problems is that marriage is a states rights issue.

In other words, constitutionally, the Federal Government is not given power over marriage, it is done state by state by each state government.

Yet the Federal Government gives people like me, a heterosexual married guy special consideration because I am married to my wife.  These special considerations are not given to homosexual couples.

What special considerations?

One example is income tax.  My wife and I get to join our incomes and expenses and file jointly as a married couple.   Last week I asked our tax preparer to double check to see what the difference would be if we filed our taxes separately.

The difference was over $1000 more that we would owe if we were not allowed to file as a married couple.

I encourage you to read what I wrote for a more complete solution to this issue of  Gay Marriage.


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