Fighting for Life Arguments

Weaved into our pastors message at church this weekend was a reference to the Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Movement.

(At the end of this story, I’ll share my church habits and history.)

The reason for the pastor bringing abortion up was at least two fold.

This weekend was the Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Also the recent Time Magazine cover which says, 40 years ago abortion-rights activists won an epic battle with Roe v.Wade. They’ve been losing ever since.

time cover

The Supreme Court issued their vote and decision on January 22, 1973.

It’s true that the past 40 years have not settled the abortion debate, but intensified it over time.

I know women who have found themselves with a choice to make and some decided to carry the baby to term, give birth and give that baby up for adoption.  Others I know who in the same situation decided to keep their child as a single parent and sometimes it worked out, other times it was a rough life for the Mom and the kids.

A rough life is better than no life.  The Pro-Choice advocates always talk about the choice of the Mom, but not of the unborn child.

I have yet to meet a woman personally who is proud to have had an abortion or multiple abortions.  I would like to meet one so I can have a better understanding of where they are coming from.

If you are Pro-Choice, I would like to hear your reasons why, backed with research too please.

I have met women who have lived through the guilt and depression of having an abortion.  One in particular told me she feared that God was going to punish her for her multiple abortions by killing the children she later had.

As our pastor pointed out, and I already believed,  Sin is sin. Confess any and all sins and we are forgiven due to the saving grace made possible when Jesus became our substitute and died as a sacrifice for all our sins.  The sin of an abortion or the sin of telling a little white lie are all equally sin for which Christians are forgiven.

A few more thoughts about fighting for life this weekend.

Saturday night my wife and I also watched a DVD of the movie Bella for the 1st time. It was a random selection from 4 films we borrowed from the library for the weekend and woven in the story is abortion and adoption.

Saturday morning the talking head shows on MSNBC included more discussion about gun control and the likelihood of any meaningful legislation that will prevent violent acts like the shootings of kids last year in Connecticut. One of the guests who wants to protect school kids from being slaughtered also spoke in praise of her right to slaughter an unborn child with an abortion.

A few years ago I read the Freakonomics books and one chapter included this:

The estimated number of lives lost varies but one study suggests 3000 per day which would mean 50 million over the past 40 years.

Let me share one more clip, this time from President Obama:

The closing statement at the end, around 1:40 about saving one child is justification for the changes they want to make about guns, what if that statement was applied to abortion policies?
Just like I believe the answer to gun violence goes beyond a few simple laws, the answer to saving lives lost to abortion will also go beyond a few simple laws.

But my question is shouldn’t we fight for all human life?
For your information, I have been a member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana for about 10 years. My personal viewpoints are not always in sync with our church, but over time I have been able to see their biblical viewpoint on a couple of items that I originally disagreed with and now I am neutral on who’s view is correct.  I grew up in the Lutheran Church and then as an adult have been a member or participant in Baptist, Presbyterian, and other non-denominational independent evangelical Christian fellowships.

My return to the Lutheran church in 2000 was due to making peace with my previous experience with the denomination with prayer and conversations.  You’ll usually find my wife and I attending on Saturday evening for the contemporary service or Monday evening on occasion.


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