Guns and a False Sense of Security

The heated conversation about gun control has been going on for about a month now, due to the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Connecticut.

There are those who believe we need to restrict to some degree gun ownership, either by type, style, capacity, or outlawing ownership completely.

There are also those that believe we need more guns.  In schools, in public places, in private places, etc.

Both sides agree that what happened at Sandy Hook should never be repeated.

Both sides also are passionate about gun control.

Both sides are dealing with a False Sense of Security centered around gun laws.

It is already illegal to murder someone.

Yet people kill people daily.

The problem is not that we don’t have enough laws, or that we have the wrong laws.

Laws are broken daily.

Speed limits are broken.  Sometimes people die as a result.

We need to find ways to reduce crime and violence.

We need to stop creating environments that numb us to violence as “no big deal”.

We can do this without stepping on the 2nd Amendment.

Please, people on both sides of the issue… recognize what you agree on and don’t fall for creating a false sense of security.


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