A Civilized Debate

Here’s what led to this post:

  1. Name calling in politics
  2. Charges of Racism if someone disagrees
  3. Heated arguments between friends on specific issues
  4. Watching the movie Lincoln
  5. And this picture and quote I saw recently online…


I am thankful that I live in a country where we still have most of our freedom of speech.

But I also want to clarify a few things too.

If I agree with something that President Obama says or does, that does not make me a liberal, a progressive or a Democrat.

If I disagree with something that President Obama says or does, that does not make me a racist.

If a Republican makes some outrageous, uninformed comment, she or he does not automatically speak for all Republicans, conservatives, or Tea Party people.

Most of the public talk from the politicians and talking heads on radio & television are spouting one sided and fringe beliefs and arguments that make me cringe.

I’ll listen to and watch both sides of an argument.

The answers to most of our problems are not easy.

We have built layers upon layers of “fixes” to systems that are now cluttered with so many rules that most people do not understand the whole picture and all the details.

Taxes for example falls into the multilayered flawed system of government complexity.

You know in some ways I wish we could simply start over and toss out some of the rules and replace them with something that was simple and straight forward.

The perceived problem is that by adopting a flat tax or fair tax system, it would create chaos and throw our economic system into a greater mess as so many individuals, organizations and corporations are structured to take advantage of our current system.  A new system would require a total reorganization and restructuring of financial “stuff” .

But, back to my main point today and that is we really need to be able to talk and debate these ideas and issues with an open mind, knowledge of our constitution, and a compassionate heart, wanting the best not just for ourselves, but for all within the parameters of our basic laws of the land.

Can you participate in a civilized debate?


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