Fixing the Voting System

We have Presidential Elections every 4 years.

These elections usually have the highest percentage of eligible voters casting ballots.

We have about 204 weeks before the 2016 November election.

We have time between now and then to clean up a number of voting issues.

One of those issues is voter registration.

We need a nationally recognized and accepted method of making sure all who are legally allowed to vote are able to vote and that those votes are accurately counted.

Right now this is left to each state, however I see nothing in the constitution that prohibits a national movement to standardize the system nationwide.

Some folks on the left accuse folks on the right of using voter id laws to suppress voting.

Some folks on the right accuse folks on the left of voter fraud and intimidation.

A national system would give us a level playing field…


Our House of Representatives is filled with Congressional districts that have been drawn to favor one party or another.  This is wrong and needs to stop.

We need to stop stuffing the ballot box by creating these crazy Congressional districts with wacky boundaries.

(A couple of stories about this are here:

and )



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