Is Progressive a Dirty Word?

In the past few years, progressive has taken on a negative meaning for conservatives and a positive meaning for liberals.

But Progressive is an action word.

Progressive is a word that can refer to taking steps to get to a goal instead of an all or nothing agenda.

I liked the concept of Herman Cain’s 999 tax plan.

It would have been a huge step.

Too big of a step some thought.

We need a progressive approach to that plan, one that would be phased in over time.

Universal Health Care.  I was actually for it if it was going to be implemented as a single payer plan with everyone in the USA under the same plan and rules.  But the approach that was adopted is a progressive approach that is designed to lead us to that system over time.  While I don’t like the slow approach, I understand the upheaval and chaos that would have been created if we wiped out our current system and jumped to a universal plan.

By the way, the big sticking point that Republicans failed to emphasize was that they believed the Federal Government did not have constitutional authority to oversee a universal plan, that it was a state by state issue.

Every time I take a quiz to see where my political beliefs fall, they tell me I’m a Libertarian.

Last year when talking with a Republican friend, I pointed out I am not a strict Libertarian, because I believe we do need some of the safety nets and other protections that we have grown to expect from our government.  To wipe them out completely would cause more chaos and turmoil than we have today.

So this is an area in which I am progressive.

Now that I am over 50 and my kids are in their late 20’s, I expect changes to continue to occur but not be completed in my lifetime.  Hopefully in my kids lifetime we will have evolved or progressed to a smaller, simpler, and healthier system of government that is fairer to everyone.

We need to start down that road now.


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