The Other side of the 2012 Election

Now that we know the winners it is easier to play Monday Morning Quarterback.

This election, just like nearly every other election was determined by emotion.

A basic sales/marketing principle is to keep in mind the “WIIIFM” quotient.







The answer may be based in logic, but the emotions will overrule.

We have selective hearing, based on wanting to hear what reinforces our beliefs.

Those could be negative beliefs about a candidate, or positive beliefs about another candidate.  Usually a mix of both.

I’ve been watching liberal-biased MSNBC, listening to conservative-biased radio talk shows.

I check the headlines and stories pushed on Drudge and also Huffington Post.

I don’t see a non-partisan news outlet so I pay attention to the biased with an understanding of what their bias is.

The What Is In It For Me factor says that we, the people will cast our votes for the candidates that we believe will give us more of what we want.  In this age of negative campaigning, sometimes instead of pushing positives about their candidate, they.use scare tactics to keep you from voting for the opposition.

Every single statement that could be used against someone was used. Half-truths, out of context remarks, even full blown lies were told over and over again.

Billions of Dollars were spent, and now that we know who are elected representatives will be it is up to us to pay attention and get involved.

Remember the reasons you voted for _____________.  It was emotion based on WIIFM.


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