Who Represents You?

Okay, so you probably know who the President of the United States is.

Do you know who the President of the Senate is?

It’s the Vice-President of the United States.

Do you know who represents you in the Senate?

Here’s a hint.  You have 2 Senators. Each state has an equal number for a total of 100.

Do you know who represents you in the House of Representatives?

There’s only 1 person, and the total number is 435.

Senators were originally selected by each states legislators, not you and I as voters.

It was the adoption of the 17th Amendment less than 100 years ago,  April and May 1913, that gave the power to the people of each State to vote for Senators.

That’s it on a Federal level and the sad part is most people cannot name all 5 of their Federally elected representatives.

As we move down the food chain, so to speak, to the state and local level it gets worse.

Since each state has their own system of government, your state may be organized differently than mine, which is Indiana.

We have a Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

We also have a State Senator and State Representative that we elect to represent our interests in Indiana law making.

If you live in Indiana, you can go here and discover who represents you.

Indiana is divided into counties.  Each county is divided into townships.  There are elected officials at this level of government that the general public is usually clueless about.

I live in Allen County.  Take a look at all the various forms of governing bodies we have that includes many elected officials.

And I live in Fort Wayne which has even more elected officials.

I challenge you to find out who you are electing and who represents you at all levels of government in your life and spread the challenge to others that you know.


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