The Role of our Federal Government

This morning I took a 12 question quiz  that is supposed to tell you where you fall in the political spectrum.

I took it, based on my thoughts about the Federal Government and then retook it with a local and state government mindset.
The results were significantly different.

I was watching a political roundtable show Saturday that for a brief minute or two spoke about the different roles of the federal government of the United States vs. the individual state governments in our lives.

I am probably pretty liberal when it comes to local level politics and pretty conservative concerning the Federal side of government.

I find it an interesting read to look at how we came up with our current balance of powers between Federal and Local.  It precedes the Constitution which is generally considered the 2nd legal document that our original 13 colonies were unified under.

Look up the Articles of Confederation and you’ll see the history and arguments our founding fathers had before the Constitution was adopted that we now live under.

Without going into a complete history lesson, the Constitution that serves as the legal foundation for our Federal government of the United States of America.

Read the 10th Amendment, also known as the last of the 10 items in the Bill of Rights:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This is where I believe our current Federal Government has overstepped the boundaries and where you and I really have more power than we realize regarding our lives and the rules, regulations and laws we live under.

Too often the attention is placed on Federal elections and not enough on local or state wide elections.

I would love to see more people become aware of the boundaries that each level of government is supposed to have.


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