What Do We Want?

Common Answers include:

  1. World Peace
  2. Enough Money
  3. Food, clothing, shelter
  4. A better life for their kids
  5. Free Internet
  6. A meaningful job or work
  7. Not to feel lonely
  8. A sense of security
  9. Lose Weight
  10. Enough Sleep

This list is not meant to be scientific or universal.  It’s just some of the most common answers that I have found while looking for the answer in this country of ours.

Let’s see how many of these are possible and what the government role should be.

1. World Peace.  Not possible.  We have to create “pockets of peace”.  We can start in our own families and spread from there.  Do you want the government involved in your family to keep the peace?

2. Enough Money. How much is enough?  Isn’t that an individual decision?  Or should everyone have $200,000 in the bank?  This unfortunately is an area that our government has been messing with for a long time, the re-distribution of wealth, which gets more and more complex and unfair with each new law and rule.

3. Food, Clothing & Shelter.  See #2 above.

4. A better life for our kids. Nice idea but history has also demonstrated that if this happens, within a couple of generations, the grand-kids or great-grand-kids will lose the family fortune.  That’s because they didn’t have to put in the work, it was handed to them, and the principles and values that created the better life are not inherited.

5. Free Internet.  If you have a laptop, there are enough places that offer free wi-fi and the government was not involved.

6. Meaningful Job or Work. What will make each of us feel fulfilled? It’s not a government job.  It’s not necessarily a hourly wage job.  I recall 8 years ago when I worked as a Thermoformer Operator for a couple of years and when I realized that one of the main benefits of the job was all the time off, I knew I should look for something else.

7. Not to feel lonely.  If you know how the government can help this want, let me know!

8. A Sense of Security. Now, we are getting somewhere. Maybe. All depends on what you want your security to look like.  If you want to feel safe in your home, then you place some trust in the police and your neighbors, or maybe in the locks on your front door.  Security from foreign attacks? We have a government that is supposed to be on top of this.  Except, they have asked us for our help too.

9. Lose Weight.  This is largely (pun intended) an individual choice.  Unless you are sick or starving.

10. Enough Sleep. Yeah, sleep.  Now that I don’t have little ones running around or getting up in the middle of the night, I can sleep as much as I need to.  Either go to bed earlier, or wake up later. I don’t see how the government can help on this one either.

So there you have it. 10 things that most people in this country want.  Did I miss anything that is more important?


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