Healthcare & Capitalism

Over the weekend, I saw Michael Moore’s latest film, Capitalism: A Love Story. As I was watching the story of political corruption, greed and excess, I saw many things I agreed with.

And Michael Moore appeared to be critical of both Democrats and Republicans in the film.

During the past 24 hours I watched last weeks interview with Sean Hannity and it solidified my negative opinion of Mr. Hannity. You can watch these interviews by going here.

I also read the story of Lunsford Richardson whose name you probably don’t recognize, as much as you would the product he invented, Vicks Vapor Rub. Click here to read it for yourself.
At the end of the movie, I was hoping that Michael Moore would NOT say that the answer was Socialism, which is what he is accused of saying. No, what Mr. Moore says is Democracy is the answer. Check it out and see for yourself.


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