I’m really tired of the political talk on radio & TV.  I turned it off last week and started listening to music again.  Which is too bad, becausemusic1, I’ve listened to talk on the radio for the last 20 years.

This past weekend, I spent 3 great hours with my daughter talking about a little of everything including health care and other issues.

The answers will come from conversations where one listens and the other talks, and then you go back and forth without trying to convince the other that they are an idiot.  Now it takes 2 to play fair and that’s not always easy.  But if you really listen and really talk, instead of argue and attack, then we can move forward.

That’s why I generally stay out of politics.

One other thought, you have contradictions just like I do.  And instead of focusing on the areas we disagree with, start with the areas we have in common.  It helps the conversational process and the answers will come as the ideas flow.

Do you only listen to those that you agree with?  Then get out and learn about the other sides.  And have a real reason for taking a stand based on facts, not just emotion.

Now, it’s back to the tunes for awhile.


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