Political Media

patriotic-poster After two years of Presidential election coverage by the news media, I wish they would shut up.  Sounds harsh, I know, but it seems like both those on the left and on the right are continuing to be too political because of their own selfish desires for ratings.  It’s a lazy way of providing content for their 3 hour radio talk shows and 24/7 cable news networks.  There is so much more that needs exposure besides what our president might do, and what it might mean to us.  Right now, this president hasn’t done all that much that is different than our previous commander in chief.

In Washington it is still business as usual.

In my minds eye, the over involvement of the federal government in our lives began at least 60 years ago and continues to get worse.  Untangling the mess will take time and most likely not occur in my lifetime the way I would like to see it.

Should we stop paying attention? No.  Should the media add more diversity in their news reporting? Yes.  After all a steady diet of only your favorite food can grow tiring.  And two years of listening to these media talking heads is enough for awhile.

Remember the sense of unity we had in the days following 9/11/2001?

We need that right now.


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