The End, The Beginning, The Future

Tuesday January 20, 2009, 12 noon.

The End of 8 years of the Presidency of George W. Bush. The Beginning of 4 or more years of the Presidency of Barrack H. Obama.

Nothing else will change that day. You and I do not live in a start/stop/start world with strong divisions based on who is in the White House.

We will still be living with the changes that were started during the previous administrations.


For example, when I was born, Eisenhower was President. Ike sponsored and signed the Civil Rights Bill of 1957 and gave birth to the Interstate Highway system a year earlier. Click here for more info.

The first Presidential Election I was old enough to vote in was 1980. Ronald Reagan won and served for eight years and I found a list of accomplishments online that you can read by clicking here.

During the financial meltdown, there was enough finger pointing that we ran out of fingers. Some pointed to the Clintons, some pointed to the Republicans, some pointed to the Democrats, some pointed to Congress, others pointed to greedy capitalists, others pointed to a broken educational system that failed to teach people how to manage their own debt.

The world has been looking for change. We will get change, slowly, one step at a time. Each change will be praised and criticized. The problem is not going to be fixed by the President, Congress, or any organization either non-profit, government sponsored or privately funded.

The answers are within each of us. Ideas come from people. Change comes from individuals. Test this theory right now.

Here are dates that are more significant in my life than anything government related:

December 11th, September 18, September 12, November 15, April 12, March 17.

Those dates include 2 weddings and 4 birthdays. Each of those events were life changing. I bet you would agree when you look at your own life.

The future will have it’s share of joys and disappointments. Please get involved in your own future and do not depend on our elected officials to change your life, do it yourself. It’s the American way.


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