The Next Two Years

Congratulations to the citizens of the United States of America.  40 years after the heated battles of the 1960’s civil rights movement, we have elected our first President that is labeled as an African-American.  Actually, Barrack Obama’s heritage is that of mixed race, but because of his appearance and his wife and daughters, he was labeled as African-American. 300_34854

Yet this was not a race about race.  It could have been the first female President.  Or the first female Vice-President.  The race is about ideas, change, and direction.

Each voter had their own reasons for casting their ballots the way they did.  I have seen stories that highlight the extreme radicals, but they are not the normal people who cast their votes this week.  But there are bigots, racists, elitists, poor, rich and the middle class; business owners, managers, and workers, together each and everyone make up the United States.

Some folks voted on the basis of WIIFM.  (That’s What’s In It For Me.)  That’s common whether you are deciding what to have for lunch, choosing a mate, or selecting a President.

I will continue to look for people that I trust to be truthful.  That is one criterea for who I want as a leader.  And when it comes to our federal government, I want people who will follow the U.S. Constitution.  On that second point, nearly all of our elected officials are out of bounds, as were the candidates that were not elected.

I titled this the Next Two Years, because we will have another national election in November 2010 that will be a reflection on how well our newly elected government performs in the Next Two Years.  Will Congress clean up the mess we have?  Will they support the programs that our President has proposed?  Or will we continue to sit in the midst of the special interests with more and more federal laws and regulations that are unconstitutional?

Knowledge is power.  A voice is more powerful.  Pay attention.



  1. Presidential elect Barack Obama identifies himself as an African-American. His mother was born in the United States of America and his father was born in Kenya. His label is really based on geography rather than race.

    It is a self identify that goes beyond the one drop of blood that was imposed to keep enslaved Africans from passing who looked like Obama and was label as not having the rights of a raced white male as determined by Judge Taney.

    The Constitution a document that drafted to determine who would maintain power and wealth. That Constitution has been been amended.

    Many folks said that an African-American could become President of the United States but many folks truly did not believe it would happen. Nov. 04, 2008 Barack beat the odds. Because those who were selected to cast the 270 electoral votes, majority raced white males voted for an African-American.

    It was all about change.

  2. Barrack was my first choice over Hillary. That’s how I voted in the Primary Election. But it was not race, it was the words that just so happened to be spoken by a man of African- American heritage that motivated me last spring.

    Like I mentioned in my original posting, this is historic because of many factors, including race.

    Racial prejudices are often inherited from older family members. It took a couple of generations for the changes in attitudes to grow strong enough for look beyond the race issues and simply accept Barrack as an agent of change in the way our federal government operates.

    As far as the Constitution of the United States goes, it has been amended, several times. Some of those amendments were then repealed in time. As long as our federal government and the elected leaders follow the law of the Constitution and the amendments, I have no problem.

    But the overstepping of those boundaries are partially responsible for our continued involvement in a war in Iraq that uses a backdoor draft to continue in futility. That’s where we have modern day slavery today.

    Again, I am proud of our country for finally crossing the racial threshold. I pray that our leaders will lead with servants hearts.

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